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Welcome to pacmaN levelup BOT
Add the bot and use the command !help for more :steamhappy:
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Welcome to pacmaN levelup !
Calculator commands

• !level [desired level] - calculate how many sets it would take and how much it would cost to reach your desired level.
• !check - show how many unique badges you can buy at the moment.
• !sellcheck - shows how many sets i can buy from you, and how many currencies i can pay.
• !buy - use to buy that amount of CS:GO keys for sets.
• !buyhydra - use to buy that amount of Hydra keys for sets.
• !buytf [amount keys] - same as !buy - for TF2 keys.
• !buygems [amount of cards sets] - same as !buy - for Steam gems.

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pacmaN levelup BOT JR level 120+


Gems Bot exchange your gems for keys.

pacmaN Buying cards sell your cards and booster pack for gems

pacmaN 1:1 STM trade 1:1 STM


Owner contact me if you have any questions. or check the frequently asked questions in our group.
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