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Hello there. You're probably wondering, "Hmm. Who is this person?" Well, allow me to introduce myself. I am a white, blond, insecured 13-year-old who is going through puberty and wants to ♥♥♥♥ everything and everyone I see (including my mother). I masturbate at least three times a day, I take a shower and brush my teeth once every week, and love memes. I also threaten to kill myself whenever I'm upset, whine and complain about most things, have no friends, love having a pity party for myself, get bullied in school in real life, make excuses as to why I don't want to show my face such as my camera being broken or my computer/phone having "issues" and/or Catfish people. I am currently in summer school due to me failing four classes (ELA, Social Studies, gym and art) and consider myself a "cool kid". Lastly, I like to believe that I am a hacker even though I'm a "script kiddy"
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Zombie oxy confirmed.
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12/10 best sexually awkward hoers :3
~love a bunneh
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R.I.P Ecstaciponi
???-2013. We'll miss you.
Avery Feb 8, 2013 @ 7:03am 
Bro where you at :<