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Owib Poster - By Rbrt
scratchh (._). Aug 14 @ 2:22pm 
who else said it
die di e die!! b Jun 27 @ 9:58pm 
scratchh i know players that have those exact words bound from you from like months ago, find something original other than your cartoon dog ass
gay niqqa jutsu Jun 27 @ 9:06pm 
hi scratchh
scratchh (._). Jun 27 @ 7:26pm 
You will forever be underneath me. Know your place. You're subhuman compared to a furry. Realize your worth.
die di e die!! b Jun 27 @ 6:48pm 
make me furry
scratchh (._). Jun 27 @ 6:35pm 
scratta change ur name ♥♥♥♥♥