🎯NomisCZ [-N-]
Moravskoslezsky Kraj, Czech Republic
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→ Weblinks - https://weblinks.hexa-core.eu
→ Flarum Auth extensions - https://discuss.flarum.org/u/NomisCZ/discussions
→ HLstatsX 1.7 - https://github.com/NomisCZ/hlstatsx-community-edition
→ PHP (Laravel/Lumen) & Vue.js
→ SourceMod programmer
→ Windows/Linux server administrator / webmaster
→ CSGO / CSS / TF2 / L4D / MC server master.
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sᴏsɪᴋ Jun 12 @ 10:37pm 
ruSsH3L Apr 26 @ 2:03pm 
I want to consult on a subject
Silver I Apr 16 @ 7:06am 
Hi dear. Your HLStatsX version not work Ranking View by dates (YYYY-mm-dd).
On this example https://statistika.apkaba.lt/hlstats.php?mode=players&game=czero You can see it. Only Last Week and Last Month working. I hope you fix this with next updates.
WildMort Mar 7 @ 1:35am 
Hi, can u add me pls? I have question about your plugin.
PUTA MADRDE Jan 17 @ 1:44pm 
Hello. Can you add me? I have request plugin. I pay
Youmuus Jan 17 @ 12:07am 
I have request plugin csgo