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If you have any questions, run into some issues with my bot or just want to discuss any of my other services that I am offering you should leave a comment on this profile and I will respond asap.
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Most errors you will encounter with my bot is an error on steam, and not on my bot. More often than not you will just need to wait a bit until trying again. Steam servers are known to be unreliable so please consider trying again before contacting me in any way. Another very common issue is items being traded away in another trade. This is not something I can help with so just try again! Thank you for reading and thank you for using my bot. Hopefully you will come back :)

All trades are final. I will only issue a refund should my bot happen to send the wrong amount when you use commands. Make sure to doublecheck every trade you do to save time for both of us. Thank you!

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6aPcuk Sep 21 @ 1:25am 
a bad bot, it always advertises the trading of something, but when it comes to payment, it always has no refs. :UnhappyMask:
sudnov08 Sep 20 @ 11:05am 
!sell 1 Taunt: Oblooterated
Microsoft© Word 2016 Sep 19 @ 4:50pm 
!sell Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
xZnbrg Sep 19 @ 9:41am 
-rep bad bot
The Local Goofball Sep 17 @ 10:21am 
!sell 1 Specialized Killstreak Gunslinger
҈҉ Sep 16 @ 1:09pm 
-rep not working