Ohio, United States
Guitar & Chess player ^_^

Someday i'll fly...
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Once upon a time, I played medic in TF2.

Online Tournaments
Way Pugs Tournament - Unacceptable Lobsters (3rd)
RGL 7v7 One Day Cup #2 - Jef (4th)

S26 ESEA Open - Clout^
S27 ESEA Open - Juulin with Jert (playoffs)
S28 ESEA Open - Good Night Sweet Prince (Benched at 7-2)
S28 ESEA Open - Swoletown (playoffs)
S24 Silver 6v6 - Biggem'st Brian
S25 Platinum 6v6 - Vanilla Dice (4th)
S27 Silver 6v6 - FreeMovies 4kHD (3rd)
S21 Steel Highlander - Trick 'r Treat Trainboys
S22 Steel Highlander - S.H.I.T (1st)
S23 Silver Highlander - S.H.I.T (4th)
S24 Silver Highlander - Looking For Players
S25 Silver Highlander - Atrocity Exhibition (2nd)
S11 Silver 4v4 - Four Fatties
S12 Silver 4v4 - Four Fatties
S14 Silver 4v4 - Pootis

S4 Ultiduo - Vanilla Dice
S5 Ultiduo - Esoteric

Other Shtuff
UGC []

Me vs b4nny part I
Me vs b4nny part II

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Gizmo Aug 6 @ 11:05am 
he is floofy
SolFlare Aug 2 @ 1:30pm 
Hello am 48 year man from somalia. Sorry for my bed england. I selled my wife for internet connection for play "conter strik" and i want to become the goodest player like you I play with 400 ping on brazil and i am global elite 2. pls no copy pasterio my story
♥ Blue ☆ Aug 2 @ 8:42am 
super cool medic. actually heals rocket jumper soldiers as if they're a living member of the team! +rep
Regretti Spaghetti Jul 18 @ 6:03pm 
10/10 would coordinate a last push through csgo quality mic and voice chat again.
IHASPUGS Jul 6 @ 9:26pm 
papi :weary:
SolFlare Jun 6 @ 8:46am 
-rep ♥♥♥♥ geese