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sandcatty Feb 13 @ 12:41pm 
I'm just going to say it: i love you. Everytime I see your pfp or discord status change into something that doesn't match mine it breaks my heart. When I see you talking or hanging out with other people I get jealous because the truth is, I want you all to myself. i see a future with you and i want to be married to you. i want to be your boyfriend and you write my name in your bio and ill write yours. I want people to know you're mine and that I'm yours. I want to call you for hours at a time stare back at the ceiling while I hold back what's on my mind. I want to be on call when you sleep and when you wake up. I want you forever. I know you don't feel the same way and im probably jsut another online person you game with but i seriously love you. and i dont love easily. i think you're so cute and i want to see your face more often you're my baby and i want you to only give attention to me :) i dont care about anything else just you and me against the world baby <3
Xybo Feb 7 @ 10:53am 
Friend request accepted again
|TG|Ondis❤ Jan 23 @ 12:17pm 
add me for talk about trade about spell awp
fraggerfrank2012 Jan 20 @ 11:33pm 
interested in exo holiday punch
Shine Jan 11 @ 2:22pm 
Added for awper hand low craft
Vincent Peppler Jan 8 @ 1:01pm