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Always wanted a shmup that has a similar grotesque and beautiful style like Scorn? Look no further. What a fantastic game, I love it, its already my all time favorite in this genre.

Gameplay wise its fluid and awesome, collect EXP from enemies to level up, making your ship bigger with a damage bonus, hitbox stays the same. Getting damaged doesnt make you lose power ups or levels, it also doesnt suffer from this "continue" system, where one hit is the end, you have a HP bar, which grows with levels, and it even refills slowly on itself. Shooting enemies real close speeds that process up, same with the bombs, risk and reward.
The variety of unique enemy designs and stage backgrounds is huge, its nothing short of impressive, love the music as well. Suprisingly a lot of lore and world building for a shmup.
A small detail I noticed is that the eyes on your left HUD always follow your ships movement. Thats really neat.

Like most shmups, it comes with a arcade mode, which gives you set angels/ships with their own powers, however, where this game really shines is the original mode. Within this one, you can play story mode, which is comprised of the arcade mode stages, but you can modify your own ship, and then we have chronicle, a onslaught of stages and paths you can choose, getting more difficult each stage.
Now to the modification, everything in original mode allows you to drop many different weapons, and the harder it gets, the higher the level of the drop. You can modify your cannon, heavy cannon, and bomb. What you dont want can be eaten, and gives you points to use for permanent upgrades. Flamethrower type cannons are absolutely OP.
All this makes the game super engaging and extremely fun.

The only things I dont like are the labyrinth like stages, and in arcade mode you unlock different ship designs, but you cant switch the look of the ship in the original mode. Eating weapons also takes ages, because you cant select multiple at once, its kinda annoying.
Other than this, I cant praise this developer enough, a must have.
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