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Gaming enthusiast. I prefer all kinds of role-playing games, old-school adventures and strategies, but I also like original indie games a lot.
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Let's be honest - usually when Western developers decide to make a JRPG the result ends up being something between mediocre and pure atrocity.
That's why Sudeki is a little miracle.
It's a Western JRPG that is actually good.
Surely, there are some thing that can be criticized. For example, awkward (though having their own charm) anime-style character models or poorly written dialogues.
But, despite that, I really enjoyed my 30 hours with this game. The battle system combining 3rd person combo-based fights with first person shooter elements is quite fresh. The puzzles aren't difficult, but they are pretty fun, and frequently force you to combine different characters' abilities.
That's when we get to the aspect that, in my opinion, helps maintain this game fresh without turning into a routine: the developers force you to play with each of the four characters, which means you have to master playing all of them. Especially so, because most of the boss battle are done one-on-one.
The story may not be very original, but it is not without a couple of twists. There is even some character development! Nothing too deep, but it fits the mood of this game.
While Sudeki is not on the same level as, say, Final Fantasy games, this is a great game, and it's very fun to play.

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Works perfectly on Linux with Proton 5.0. There are some occasional crashes, but I'm not sure it's a Linux-only issue. In any case, just save the game often.
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