rohan   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
i PROBABLY WONT stream nauts and other things occasionally [www.twitch.tv]
i made a nauts tournament [discord.gg]
melee falco player
i speedrun games nobody plays [www.speedrun.com]

also i can cook

i hope you have a good day
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getting ready to put some juicy quotes here
never forget
"9Volt : a shit. lag 300ping trueskill american cosmonaut"

8:58 heartshaped_net: 9volt you're under arrest
8:58 9voltistaken: why is that
8:58 heartshaped_net: battery

10:23 PM - niki: oh nice
10:23 PM - niki: i just went in hard
10:23 PM - 9volt: work out?
10:23 PM - niki: on some dude in temp balance
10:23 PM - 9volt: oh LOL
10:23 PM - niki: LMAO

11:18 PM - Waka: I dont trust a lot of the females in nauts community because I always know in the back of my mind half of them are traps

7:03 PM - eddster: fuck me
7:03 PM - eddster: i have this really nice jar of honey
7:03 PM - eddster: but the honey has stuck to the lid
7:03 PM - eddster: i can't fucking open it
7:03 PM - eddster: ok i got it
7:03 PM - eddster: with my humongous muscles

11:33 PM - niki: is ur cat ever mad at u that the weather is ass outside
11:39 PM - niki: she just looks at me and screams as if i can change the weather

5:44 PM - eddster: 9volt you cock
5:44 PM - 9volt: hi edd
5:44 PM - eddster: why did you spray adhesive onto my firearms
5:44 PM - eddster: you can deny it all you want
5:44 PM - 9volt: :spazdunno:
5:44 PM - eddster: but I'm adamant you did it
5:44 PM - eddster: i'm sticking to my guns

2:24 PM - eddster: actually kill yourself
2:24 PM - 9volt: :spazdunno:

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i'm gonna haunt you with my LOVE
god's fart Apr 10 @ 6:56am 
OK so I'm in love with my best friend, but I found out recently that she's a lesbian. Growing up in a fundamentalist catholic family, she was never confident enough to come out of the closest until she told me. This was after she was diagnosed with terminal illness that gave her less than a month to live. Her dying wish is to see the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ of an extremely attractive girl, and her being the love of my life, I absolutely have to fullfill this wish. Please for her sake send a picture of the ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Gungeon Fertifo Mar 3 @ 5:21pm 
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