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THORFINN Apr 24 @ 11:42pm 
Can you please sign my profile? I'm a huge fan <3
D♿vil Apr 23 @ 4:39am 
Sign my profile pleas mannn. ı will be happy :D
GHOST Apr 22 @ 4:31am 
Pls sign me eller bare lav en lille krydse dulle
Cars1271 Apr 12 @ 8:37am 
Hey man accept my friend request please
Sincerely your good old mongol friend Carsten
Ruddyy Apr 7 @ 12:43pm 
Hey bro, can you add me and sign my profile? I'll love you long time
K4JU Apr 6 @ 2:50am 
i have some usable skins that I could send you in abt 1-2 week time when I get them, all I need is an add to talk, then you can delete me or whatever you want, I promise this is real..