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Nick   Wisconsin, United States

Lurker : I'm eating a burger, that's how not pissed I am
squidsquad : salt goes well with burgers

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Currently Online

I stream a lot of TF2.
I'm currently developing which is in open beta.


I stream a lot of competitive TF2. I also make a lot of graphics for them.

Who I stream for
• (NA/EU Sixes)
• (Prolander)
• BonkTF2 (NA Highlander) - Currently Inactive

If you have any questions about production, don't hesitate to ask. I'd love to help!

Noteable Streams

• ESEA S25 Invite & Open Grand Finals
• S1+2 Grand Finals (and whole season)
• Heals4Reals Charity Event
• UGC HL S22 Grand Finals

Live graphics I've made

• (emote polling graphic)
• (all)
• Heals4Reals (Donation Ticker + Up Next)
• cpTV (all)
• tenXtv (all)


Display 1: AOC 27" TN 144hz
Display 2: Asus 27" IPS 60hz
Display 3: BenQ 27" TN 60hz
Keyboard: KUL ES-87 Browns with PBT Keycaps
Mouse: Zowie EC2-A @ 400 DPI - 2.81 In Game
CPU: R7 1700x
GPU: RX 480
RAM: 16GB @ 2400Mhz
Storage: 500GB 960 EVO M.2 Boot SSD & 3TB Storage HDD


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the symbol of seventh circle Jul 13 @ 10:54am 
hey buddy, it may be friday the 13th, but tf2 is lucky to have you ON THAT CAMERA ROLE YEAHYEAHEYEHAEYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :B1:
hey buddy, just stopping by to tell you to keep up your awesome work :B1:
noctua Jun 2 @ 9:17am 
you're the best camera on tf2, thanks for your contribution to the community
M I N E C R A F T May 30 @ 3:41am 
adding for an ask about hlpugs please, ty
added for possible deal
bhoops S> BP for £/$/€ Apr 28 @ 10:07am 
Got a question regarding Would you be able to help me out? Cheers buddy :goodidea: