Discord: johntheasian, john the asian
Feel free to message me on discord, or add me on steam if need be!
Steam ID's: 76561198053875960 | [U:1:93610232] | nhentai
Discord: johntheasian (easier to contact me here if you don't have me added on steam)
Comp history and misc info
Hi! Welcome to my profile :>
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Path of Exile Profile []
Discord: john#9806
Battlenet: john0m8#1549
Origin: jon3sen
Riot: john0m8 #4694
Competitive History
(Div 5)S14: Maccas LAN Party, 2nd place
(IM)S15: Percy, Didn't go through
(IM)S15 Itz only Smellz
(IM)S16: Bleach Cocktails, 7th place
(IM)S19: Ironic wishi washi irish wristi watchi, 5th
(IM)S20: The Nunjas, 3rd place (Voted Best Roamer of Season 20)
(IM)A Midsummer Night's Cup: OpiEsports, 5th place
(IM)Late Summer Night's Cup: Gum Gajang and the goanna gang, 1st place
(IM)S21: S A D B O Y S, 4th place
(Prem)S22: Debatable/Irrefutable, 6th
(Open)Revival cup: Bully Squad, 1st place
(Prem)S23: Roleplayers III, 6th
(Prem)S24: Butterfly Effect, 5th
(IM)S26: White noise, 2nd place
(Prem)S27: Thunderbirdz, 4th place
(Prem)S28: Ad Hominem Attack, 5th place

(IM)A Midsummer Night's Cup: purple people eaters, 2nd place
(Div 5)S18: Maccas LAN Party, 2nd place
(Plat)S25: videoǥȺmɇɍs gaming in a videoǥȺmɇ, 2nd place
(Plat)S26: videoǥȺmɇɍs gaming in a videoǥȺmɇ, 2nd place
(Plat)S27: videoǥȺmɇɍs gaming in a videoǥȺmɇ, 2nd place
9's UGC Highlander
S10-12 unknown

(Steel)S13:(UBN) Ubernational, 9th
(Steel)S14: Ubernation, 7th place
(Plat) S15: Name Team Later, Disbanded mid-season
(Steel)S16: The Decended 9, Disbanded mid-season
(Steel)S17: Spys got a wizard Hat, 5th place
(Plat) S18: Krispy Memez, 7th place
(Plat) S19: Krispy Memez, Disbanded mid-season
(Plat) S20: Leap of Faith, 2nd place
(Plat) S21: Super serious 9's, 5th place
(Plat) S22: Squid Kids, 5th place
(Plat) S24: Atomic Affinity, 2nd place
(Plat) S25: Atomic Affinity, 2nd place
(Re-recruited here to go against the cardinal)
(Plat) S29: Redpandas, 1st place
(Plat) S30: Redpandas, 1st place
(retied, please let UGC die)

Respawn League Highlander
(no div) S1: Atomic Affinity, 1st place
(no div) S2: Atomic Affinity, 2nd place
(no div) S3: Atomic Affinity, 2nd place
(no div) S4: Red Panda's, 1st place
(no div) S5: Red Panda's, 1st place
(Prem) S6: Red Panda's, 1st place
(Prem) S7: Red Panda's, 1st place
(Prem) S8: Red Panda's, 1st place

7's, Prolander
(Div 1)Aus one day cup: ♥♥♥♥♥'s whomst eat ass, 2nd place
(Div 1) S1: Professionallander Team, 2nd place
(Div 1) S2: Agent Orange, 2nd place
(ODC) P7 AU Summer Cup: Boen, 1st place
(ODC) P7 AU ODC: lovely gentlemen who eat, 2nd place
(Div 1) S3: Agent Orange, 2nd place

(Steel)S4: 4 Fashion
(Steel)S5: 4 Fashion, disbanded mid-season
(Steel)S6: Punchbowl Lebs, 5th place
(Steel)S7: Punchbowl Lebs
(Plat) S9: SpadeZ
(Plat) S13: apparently i played?
(Plat) S14: Yeet Street Gang, 3rd place
(Plat) S15: Yeet Street Gang, 2nd place
(respawn) S1: The Big 4, 2nd place
(respawn) S2: The Big 4, 3rd place

cpTV Passtime Championship 1st place, technical global world champion w/ team soccer!

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Tours: 156
Australiums found: 1, at tour 156 mvm is now over (30/1/23)
Favorite Group
idlefight ogs
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k but was that before or after you took a 3 foot long Fischer-Price wiffle ball bat shoved it up in your butt, pulled your pants down and cranked the dougie with 8 geriatric dungbeetles in the middle of an old folks home while your dad was simultaneously recording a video of himself Gangnamstyling to the 2016 XXL Freshmen Cypher on Facebook Live while your grandfather in the kitchen sink with peanut butter smeared on his forehead having a deep conversation with his toenail and your sister was upstairs in her bedroom finger blasting herself to an episode of Henry Danger while at the same time your mom was at the farmer's market shoplifting authentic pickles.
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hey, look under thereeeee. it john the asian
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day in the life of a TRUE BREXIT GEEZER!!!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🍺👴🏻 wake up and greet the wife Susan👵🏻❤️‍🔥😘 my lil princess isnt she beautiful👱🏽‍♀️🫦👟 time to take george to football👦🏼🤣⚽️ rev up the bugatti UIEEE🚗💨🤪🤪 quick stop at toby’s and LOAD UP THAT PLATE🍽🍖🫘🥔 get a pint n scran🍺🌭 pitch lookin lovely today lads⚽️🥅 JUST A BIT A BANTER🤪🤬🥁chippy makes a 38-nil loss better😔🍟🍛 pop down local pride😁👕🔴 GOOD OL PIE LOOK AT THAT!!!🥧🥧🥧 SUSAN MADE DINNER!!! LOVELY!!!🥘😍😍 pop down and have a couple a pints with the lads!!👴🏻🍻👴🏻🍻👴🏻 and finish up at the FORTRESS OF DREAMS🛌😴💤
john Aug 19, 2022 @ 8:32pm 
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