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Personal Achievements


Complete the first main mission objective.


Kill two enemy vehicles with one rocket.


Score at least 500,000 points in a single mission.

Dead Island

Purge the island of the dead.

Pedro 4 Prez

Find and eliminate Pedro in all locations.

Lord of the Skies

Kill 100 enemy helicopters.


Destroy 1,000 buildings.

Team Playa

Complete a mission in co-op mode.


Complete the 'Stomp The Snake' mission on expert difficulty level in co-op mode.

Rock It Man

Complete a (non-tutorial) mission using only rockets.

Gun Guru

Complete a (non-tutorial) mission using only the machine gun.

High Five!

Destroy your chopper with your own guided rocket.

Crate Soulmate

Collect all 25 crates hidden in various locations.


Complete a (non-tutorial) mission in 8 minutes or less.


Kill 10 vehicles by smashing into them.

Bossfight Like A Boss

Kill a boss/miniboss by smashing into it.

Obtainer of the Lost Ark

Locate and winch up the Lost Ark.

Get to the choppa!

Complete at least one mission with each helicopter.

Courage Wolf

Complete all levels at least on normal difficulty.

Star Wolf

Get all stars in all missions.