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✪ Freedom Jun 23 @ 3:45pm 
Davidoff Coolwater Jun 23 @ 3:43pm 
Thanks, I actually think you're my best pal
Pieter Jun 23 @ 3:14pm 
Dave honestly you are an interesting man
Davidoff Coolwater Jun 23 @ 1:49pm 
Different ASCII techniques came into existence, and suddenly the world began seeing things like braces {^_^} and carrots >o< . An apostrophe is often used to portray a sweat drop, like in (^_^’), similar to its anime roots. This time around, kawaii smileys followed anime as a medium. The Western (English-speaking) world had really caught on by this point! As instant messaging became very popular, “hug” emoticons like (>^^)> started to rocket in popularity. These kinds of characters became known as “kirbys,” an ode to Nintendo’s lush, pink, and oh-so-squish-able mascot. Also around this time, the emoticon expanded from base emotions into portraying gesticulations too. t(o_ot), for example, was used as a way to show the middle finger — it essentially meant “f**k off!” Also, we began to see ‘vampire’ compositions that used commas and periods as ‘snake eyes’ and ‘fangs’ (i.e. ;..;).
Pieter Jun 17 @ 3:16am 
sorry I dont speak chinese
✪ Freedom Jun 16 @ 3:34pm 
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