Mr. Monokuba
Kuba   United States
Whoa, bio alert! Surprise, surprsie! :os_ram:

Hello there, traveller, my name is commonly known as Mr_Monokuba, though you can call me Kuba! Mono also works. I'm an artist and I love to draw digital art! I have two relatively new characters that I've created, and will soon promote them here on Steam!

I'm not all that great at video games but I play as much as I can to gain experience! I love Sandbox, Adventure, and Rogue-likes! I also like playing Platformers and I'll rarely play a Beat 'em Up! But now I've been attuned to the Visual Novel gameplay, and now I've got Otome games and all that stocked in my phone, whoops!

Discord and Social Media!

Many people may be interested of other sources I'm located on, so I'll make it real simple. My discord tag is Mr_Monokuba#5337 (Almost leet, dang)

Other sources I'm on are Instagram, Twitter and.. that's basically it! Here are the links:

:mana:UPDATE: I have a Patreon now, too! Along with a server in progress~

Nice to meet ya! See you on the other side! :SBchicken:
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