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leanbread 6 hours ago 
Jo immer noch
Venator Abderamus 6 hours ago 
(There are so many If's like Why's, why there, if there... but why?? Look again I say this word!)
Why do we ask questions which we aren't interested in real like "How are you", you answer, then the other "Oh, I'm also well" or "Why??", so, so, so and that's all... Then he says that, that and that and that's all so it's not about communicating as far as for sharing?? Am I right??
A lot of people use "If"...
But I still don't get why people say "Building" in case the action has finished, it must be something as a word and why people say "was" like "I was a smart kid", but why "was??". Why people say "I was used to like this... for now I don't watch it anymore..." why do we say this. Why??
... Is it the way how it ends the humanity??
This or nothing, real or lie... If I lie (Why did I lie) - WTF, if I say the truth (oh, oh, I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION - Take it as shouting)
Q_Q 9 hours ago 
how can you prove it?
Malignity. 13 hours ago 
100xp, amazing
for what? i don't know you