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Najto Jun 7 @ 10:22am 
+rep knows how to deal with a crazed gun weilding monkey :steamthumbsup:
'DJ' the only one May 23 @ 5:46am 
what is crack monkey ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ about below me?
Gé-nie Apr 28 @ 6:30am 
got vac ban cuz I got hacked, good pfp, it illustrate well Andrew Tate's fan, hope you're not one of them, I want you to live a good life
Gé-nie Apr 28 @ 4:42am 
trying to forget your existence please do not interfer with my account XD
Gé-nie Apr 28 @ 3:27am 
-rep worst brawlhalla players, only play canon ( wow so much skill ) and play the easy way ( don't try to read use lot of sigs ) annoying to play with, try to forget his existence to live in peace and having fun on a game.
xXOvthrwTheGvmntXx Mar 18 @ 4:04pm 

USA lost to Japan.
Refuses to elaborate.