[TMC] Christian
Christian Deacon (AKA Roy)
Owner of the following projects/communities.

* The Modding Community (TMC) - https://moddingcommunity.com/
* Deaconn - https://deaconn.net/
* Laid Back Gaming (LBG) - https://lbgaming.co/

Ex-owner and founder of GFL - https://GFLClan.com/

P.S. I wiped my friend's list clean in the middle of March (I removed EVERYONE). Feel free to add me back!
[TMC] Christian Aug 31 @ 1:46pm 
@Fluffacorn Sorry for the late reply! I've been getting the TMC website setup the past few days. I made a thread just now here -> https://moddingcommunity.com/forums/topic/27-future-server-browsermaster-server/

Feel free to give feedback there as we make progress! We'll likely have a separate forum category for the browser itself in the future and a more in-depth feedback system.
Lord Vader Aug 29 @ 2:02pm 
-rep Just as cringe as bottiger, but dosn't stalk
Fluffacorn, also Free Melee Aug 28 @ 10:13pm 
Where would I leave a suggestion in the server?
[TMC] Christian Aug 27 @ 9:11pm 
@Fluffacorn Hey and thank you for the feedback/suggestion! A new community/project, The Modding Community, is actually going to be creating a unique server browser that'll support all games. Once that is released, Browser.TF will likely redirect to it. If you're interested in giving feedback on TMC's server browser or being involved in discussions, feel free to join TMC's Discord here -> https://discord.com/invite/Za3VJQqhME
Fluffacorn, also Free Melee Aug 26 @ 9:15pm 
idk if this is the right place to post a suggestion for browser.tf, but a way of notifying people when someone joins a certain server would be cool
[TMC] Christian Aug 9 @ 2:47am 
Hey everyone!

I just wanted to share an exciting project I am starting that would benefit the gaming community and world! It's called The Modding Community (TMC) and the main goal of this project is to put more spotlight and support on the modding community in as many video games as possible and come up with ideas on how to improve the modding community along with communicating with game developers. This also encourages better support for community servers in games such as Rust, Garry's Mod, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, and more! We also want to promote custom content in general!


All social media links are listed on the website (which isn't finished yet). We have many social media platforms including a Discord server which we'll use to come up with ideas and more!

If you would like to help out, please let us know on the TMC Discord server and any help would be appreciated to spread the word!

Thank you for your time :D