Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I am a busy man. If you have a reason to add me, leave a comment on the profile page with the reason. Otherwise, I'll probably just ignore you. Thanks!!

Am I on Nuclear Throne? Do not talk to me unless I talk to you. Daily runs are IMPORTANT!!!

Halolz's one and only Luigi lover.
Originally from Korea.

My Twitch Channel []
I stream on every Saturday at 12PM PST. Stream date changes to Friday or Sunday depends on my IRL schedule.

MasterL's Deviantart []

I do Speed Runs. I don't do it like MLG guys, but when I do set a record, it is outrageious.

Cave Story+ Sacred Ground Story Mode Record: 2:02.8 (60FPS)
Cave Story+ Minimal Item Sacred Ground Speed Run Record: 3:33.9 WR (60FPS)

Super House of Dead Ninjas Hard Speed Run: 3:50.
Super House of Dead Ninjas Ninja Speed Run: 4:33.

I'm the guy who introduced Equestria Daily to Intense Debate when Blogger was buggy as hell long time ago.
Proof []

STAR_ replies to my comment on his Youtube Channel []

I got into Nuclear Throne trailer!!

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B. ROLLY Feb 27 @ 6:10pm 
Question about an item! :demoticon:
felderanto Feb 18 @ 1:44pm 
added to see if u sell the orb planets old guad
Kiro Dec 22, 2022 @ 2:13pm 
Hey, I added you because im interested in buying some of your tf2 items.
Accept my invite to talk about it :)
Not a bot like the guy below me, just a fellow gamer :D
76561198420788176 Nov 15, 2022 @ 10:18pm 
man tf2 bet will sponsor you
SniperGotYou Sep 12, 2022 @ 8:35am 
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