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I was very impressed by the trailer, but nothing could prepare me for the awesomeness of this game. The art style, the story and the soundtrack blend together to form a very emotional and rewarding experience.

What i liked:
  • Great artwork
  • Simple but amazing story
  • Great soundtrack
  • Some sequences have a dark souls feel to it. Although they can be frustrating, beating them feels very rewarding

What i didn't like:
  • Difficulty can be frustrating in some sequences (Also a plus).

I truly recommend this game if you like challenging platformers with a good story.
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❄ Laura Jun 2 @ 5:00pm 
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Happy Easter 🐇
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I hope you had a great weekend! :airclouds:
Have a good start in the new week :heartb::heartg::heartp:
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☻ The
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📕😺🌳🎁 ★ Italian
🐟🕺🍖📗🌸 ♀ food
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HorusDecem Oct 7, 2018 @ 1:46pm 
[+rep] reliable and trusted trader, a pleasure to deal with! :FFXIII2cactuar: