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da ♥♥♥ u doin at my scrim
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sup bro, lets play together, send me a friend request pls
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+rep black peoepl
I'm going to have a rant, so i don't mind that no one will reply. Sometimes, i get sick and tired of my life. I'm 36; i've never had sex, hell, i don't even know what it's like to KISS a woman. I have what i suppose you'd call "touch anxiety" - i literally squirm if anyone so much as touches me on the arm in a conversation - because i'm so used to not having been intimate with anyone. I've never even TALKED to a woman, because as the Big Bang Theory guy Howard asked: "is it fair that girls like confident guys instead of nervous wierdos?" I've never been able to work out why girls then women have found me so utterly frigging repellent! I'm not a creep, and i don't stare - if anything, when fapping i'd go out of my way to IGNORE EVERYONE - male or female. Sometimes the thought that i'll die alone really depresses me. So there it is - the collective decision of all womankind is that the line of my family tree dies with me....I don't BLAME women for that. So sorry for the rant.