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Personal Achievements

Feminist Dance Therapy

Got 92 points in Feminist Dance Therapy.
Unlocked May 12 @ 9:50am

Too Fat To Dance

Missed a move in Feminist Dance Therapy in the first 10 seconds.
Unlocked May 12 @ 9:49am

Needs More Triggers

Lost the game by lack of Triggering.
Unlocked May 12 @ 9:51am


Lost the game by lack of Tolerance.
Unlocked May 12 @ 9:48am


Called out a fake feminist 15 times.
Unlocked May 12 @ 9:51am

Plastic Surgery

You don’t like the way you look.

Tenth Level Feminist Chieftain

For the Whorde!


Ready for the crusades.


Visited the credits.

Triggered yet?

Triggered the game logo for 5 seconds.

Bones Chop

Got triggered by Billy.

Trenbolone Sandwiches

Got triggered by a meathead.

On Display

Dressed up like the main feminist.


Made 5 custom genders.
0 / 5

Real SJW

Made up your own gender.
0 / 1

Going Out

Entered the preview room.

Triple Trigger

Got triggered by 3 evil white males at once.

Triple Tolerance

Welcomed 3 refugees at once.


Aided by 2 white knights.

Not Final Solution

Got triggered by Uncle.


Got triggered by Karl Marx.


Vandalized 20 objects.
2 / 20


Kicked 10 trash cans.
0 / 10


Picked up 30 collectibles.
13 / 30


Picked up 5 whips.
1 / 5

Not Fat Just Bulking

Eaten 15 food items.
6 / 15


Achieved level 5 fatness.


Achieved level 10 fatness.

All You Can Eat

Gained 50kg in the Fat Shaming minigame.

Black Lives Matter

Saved 15 minorities in the Police Riot minigame.

No Lives Matter

Killed 5 minorities in the Police Riot minigame.

Bad Cop

Killed 30 majorities in the Police Riot minigame.

Social Justice

Defeated the evil white male overlord in the Arena minigame.

Fully Funded

Had $64 available in the Arena minigame.

Women’s March

Had 6 ascended white knights in the battlefield at the same time (Arena minigame).

Good Judgment

Had a streak of 12 babies in the Abortion minigame.

Germ Wars

Visited the pharmacy.

Turbo Pug

Visited the Pet Shop.

Morning Person

Have 10 coffees.
1 / 10

Man Cave

Visited the abandoned house.

Might Is Right

Defeated the meathead in the gym.


Tweeted your own unique character.

Feminist Manifesto

Welcomed Karl Marx while wearing a communist banner.

Stay Updated

Visited the game's official twitter profile.

Keeping Social

Visited the game's official facebook page.

Trigger Warning

Got triggered 50 times.
18 / 50

Refugees Welcome

Welcomed refugees 50 times.
12 / 50

Fat Acceptance

Achieved level 6 fatness.

Stop Fat Shaming

Achieved level 7 fatness.


Achieved level 9 fatness.


Achieved level 8 fatness.

Squats And Oats

Visited the gym.

(Single) Mother Russia

Visit Misovostok.

No Semechki For You

Scream 50 gopniks away.

Oppression Intensifies

Unleash the ultimate autistic screech 14 times.

Maximum Overtrigger

Defeat 10 gopniks at once with the ultimate autistic screech.

Kompot Make You Fat

Unleash the ultimate autistic screech while being morbidly obese.

Double-Barreled Feminist

Defeat 25 gopniks by throwing a barrel at them.

Tri Poloski

Destroy 3 projectiles being thrown at you at once by throwing a barrel.


Throw barrels at 20 buildings.

Saving Private Szpion

Rescue 30 fellow liberals.


Hit a gopnik and rescue a liberal with one scream.

Proper Technique

Defeat a gopnik after macing him with your spray.

Amerikani spy

Achieve full gopnik look.

Babushka Cuisine

Gather 10 potato, 10 kompot, 10 vodka, 10 mayonnaise, 10 beers, 5 cabbage, and 1 cigar.

Feeling hungry?

Defeat Stalin.

My Command Is Your Wish

Defeat Lenin.

Russia’s Greatest Love Machine

Defeat Rasputin.


Defeat Boris.

Give Me Back My Pen

Defeat Sputin.