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Personal Achievements

Masters of the Multiverse

Collect all Achievements
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:51pm

Rift Apart

Get Separated in Nefarious City
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 2:12pm

Hide 'N Seekerpede

Defeat the Seekerpede
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 3:32pm


Complete a Battleplex Challenge
Unlocked Jan 7 @ 3:56am

Can't Stop Me

Complete a Gold Cup Battleplex Challenge
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 1:33pm

Hey Lombax DJ

Play Three Songs on Zurkie's Jukebox
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:51pm

This Crystal Is My Things

Acquire Phase Quartz
Unlocked Jan 7 @ 11:48am

Don't You Walk Away From Me

Reach the Archives
Unlocked Jan 7 @ 4:26am

It's Loose!

Set Juice Free
Unlocked Jan 11 @ 1:24pm

Emotional Support Robot

Meet the Fixer
Unlocked Jan 7 @ 12:14pm

Rated Aaarrr!

Feed Bubbles
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 1:06pm

Return to Sender

Sink the Mothership on Sargasso
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 1:26pm

No Bones About It

Retrieve the Dimensional Map
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 2:59am

I'm the Warden Now

Break In and Out of Prison
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 3:36am

2 Fuzz 2 Nefarious

Defeat Doctor and Emperor Nefarious
Unlocked Jan 19 @ 10:06am

More Than Lint

Enter a Hidden Pocket Dimension
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 2:16pm

Sartorial Steel

Acquire a Piece of Armor
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 2:17pm

Does This Make My Tail Look Big?

Acquire and Equip Head, Torso, and Leg Armor
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 3:19am


Collect a Gold Bolt
Unlocked Jan 7 @ 11:56am

Nooks and Crannies

Collect Five Gold Bolts
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 3:42am

Quantum Mechanic

Repair a Dimensional Anomaly
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 3:38pm

They Blow Up So Fast

Get a Weapon to Level Five
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 3:26pm

There's Even a Cupholder

Fully Upgrade a Weapon
Unlocked Jan 11 @ 1:13pm

Full Rack

Fill a Weapon Wheel
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 10:57am

Fully Stacked

Purchase All Weapons
Unlocked Jan 19 @ 2:23pm

Glitch, Uh, Finds a Way

Complete All Glitch Challenges
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 1:55pm

Shifty Character

Hit Every Blizon Crystal on Blizar and Cordelion
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:25pm


Bounce on Big Al, Clank, and Qwark's Parade Balloons
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 2:16pm

Max Relax

Find the Nefarious Citizens by the Hot Springs
Unlocked Jan 19 @ 9:15am

Lombax and Chill

Turn on the TV in Rivet's Hideout
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:45pm

Alert the Sponsors

Perform Five Trick Jumps on a Grind Rail
Unlocked Jan 19 @ 10:25am


Melee Five Frozen Enemies
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 1:26pm

No Need for Multiball

Kill Two Enemies With a Single Ricochet Round
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 1:16pm

Return Policy

Kill 10 Enemies by Returning Shots with the Void Reactor
Unlocked May 11 @ 2:05pm

Hole Puncher

Get 20 Headshots with the Headhunter
Unlocked May 11 @ 7:38am

Life of the Party

Deploy 50 Mr. Fungis
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 3:41am

Extreme Gardening

Defeat 30 Enemies While They are Topiary'd
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 1:24pm

It's So Fluffy!

Find a CraiggerBear
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 2:16pm

UnBEARably Awesome

Find all CraiggerBears
Unlocked Jan 19 @ 9:15am

Extinction Event

Kill Five Grunthors
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 12:42pm

Just Stay Down

Defeat 30 Ejected Nefarious Trooper Heads
Unlocked Jan 12 @ 1:12pm

Must Go Faster

Do a Trick Jump While Going at Max Speed with the Hoverboots
Unlocked Jan 7 @ 4:06am

Planning Some Destruction

Collect a Spybot
Unlocked Jan 7 @ 12:15pm

Aim to Misbehave

Acquire the RYNO
Unlocked Jan 19 @ 9:15am

Feeding Friendsy

Collect 10 Zurpstones for Trudi
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 3:58am

Sweet, Sweet Victory

Collect Honey for Chef Tulio
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 2:56pm

Might've Broken Something

Collect Three Lorbs
Unlocked Jan 13 @ 2:12pm