Cornelius Stone   Dikhil, Djibouti
Be thible.
Many days in the future your nice and tidy bear is looking at you in distain, a small berry is the only thing that is staying your demise. Kettering is a fine way to kill a woman with a sneeze away from east Asia you find a mosque, little did you know mosques are the least of your worries. Uncle cinnamon saunters over in his dress and two pistols, his thighs are tantalising and his wife even less. You, a common terrorist, feel surprised to stumble across a Tesco Express, you have a hankering for a bean and lead toasty but they don’t sell it, the cashier, your long lost twin, a fine boy looking for meat, which is found in the Rivers of Mordor, is sticking the shop up.
Now with a bean and lead toasty in your webbed feet a snickers bar knocks you out cold, many days later you wake up without toes or a leg to stand on. You argue for days with the last wotsit in the bag, with a flash of light Allah frowns upon you showering the wotsit with virgins and gifts. The second stanza stops before it starts and many find themselves in a jelly like substance, Rovern Clover however is not as he is modern day Kanye. Without food or water you will live as you fight off the hoards of Br-Ecoli. Carrots, originally being purple, have developed racism, good on them. Optical mice have peripheral vision. As the 1870s roll around Mills find themselves backed into a corner on one hand, the Police Community Support Officers' Union have javelins aimed at their battlements.
Oppa Gangnam Style, the profit from western nuclear sites are ravaging the Bodrum political scene as beach fronts dissaparate. Psi is almost at an explosive amount with NATO losing its virginity and making edible blow. Dope is now a cronym for dead olaf pressures Europe to fire their arms so all countries are 'armless. The Pope
A new line is not needed but has been given benefits of a doubt, as milk falls inside Bridget Jones' dairy.
Ralph Fines fines out his wife is cheating on him so she decides to burgal his house and he shoots her through the bathroom door. My old lemonade released their first album they are now being sued for entrapment.Now you may belive that Christianity is real, but I beg to differ, have you ever eaten bread.
Hilborough disaster, more like shrove Tuesday,?
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manuel3 Feb 28, 2021 @ 3:10am 
saw this kid in real life and he was literally like 5ft lol
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cornilius stone