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Keep you friends close, bound with them~
Online - Available
Away - Afk or went out.
Busy - Less likely to respond (I do exceptions sometimes.. well, most of the time.)
Looking to play - Trying to find someone to play with (usually bored when using this status)
Offline: Either not here, sleeping, or playing overwatch since my laptop can't handle having steam open while playing it for some reason.
Mobile - not home. Night hours: about to sleep.

Deviant Art []
Skype (Personal use)
Discord (New)

Friend Requests:
If by any chance you were to send me a friend request, chances are that if I don't recognize you I might not accept it right away. When it comes to that I like to first know who is adding me, because I've had many people send me invites and then end up sitting on my friendlist while no conversations are engaged. If you do want to add me, let me get to know you, usually being around my deviant art works, and I might open a discord server soon too.

About me:
I'm just a friendly, shy guy that enjoys playing online games and being with my friends.I like chatting to friends of mine on steam and rp with some of them.

I create gmod poster from time to time. I really enjoy watching drawings, specially if these are adorable~

If you need to reach me for any reason, just leave me a message or down in the comments. It's not public because reasons.

If we've met before and you wish to add me, I'll gladly accept.

On a side note, if we end up not talking for a while, I will removed you. Don't take it personal, it's just me.

Usa-Chan, Brother.
Bluesoul215, Favorite Cousin
stephanieq13, Favorite Cousin
Wanta-Chan, Japanese cousin that likes anime.

IRL Friends:

My Dear Friends: :8bitheart:
Mandiny: That one mew that is always there for me, god your adorable~ ^3^ :8bitheart: :bbtcat:

Neo (Bipper): An amazing artist and a great friend, I'm still a bit shy with her, but hopefuly I'll open up. :8bitheart: :toriel:

Silver: A friend I know I can count on, even tho we dont talk much, whenever I'm down, I know he'll be there to back me up and give me good life tips to go on, I really appreciate you being there for me man. :sans: :8bitheart:

Grede: My favorite and lovely brother, I'll love you till I die grede~! :8bitheart:

Dezzy: Your a fluttershy! You will always be one and I wub u dezzy! x3 :8bitheart:

Grandpa Niko: One of the closest friends I have, I really enjoy your company doc, we should drink some coffee sometime~☕ ^3^ :8bitheart:

If you have a :8bitheart:, it means you are important to me, and you will always hold a sacred place in my heart.. ;3;

Other that aren't in this list, your might be on my Group , I might have missed some people

Remarkable videos and sites:
Grillby's: Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Bad Times Simulator []
Flowey SFM
And they don't stop coming..
Pc Master Race in a nutshell

Wished tf2 Items
None atm tbh, gotta think of some.

Rp/Oc info:
Main Oc:
Name: Cadent Light.
Race: Earth Pony.
Colors: White coat, Shades of Yellow on his mane and tail, Deep Blue eyes.
Gender: Male
Status: Married to Catrina~ :8bitheart:
Personality: Friendly, Cheerful, Curious, Shy, Sweet, Naive, and known for being cute~
Likes: Sweets, chocolate, fluffy pets, cats, starry skyes, his friends, having company, reading, sunlight, peace.
Dislikes: Meanies, really dark areas, taking tough decisions, solitude.
Traits: He squee's, he's quite special.
Wears: He always uses his engagement golden collar with a Emerald, gifted by her love, Catrina~
Theme song: -->
Relatives: White Rose (Big Sister), Crystal Gemstone (Adoptive Mommy), Milo and Suzy (Childrens)

Name: White Rose.
Race: Earth Pony.
Colors: Cream coat, White/ Light grey mane and tail, Pink eyes.
Gender: Female
Status: Married to her lovely and handsome husban~
Personality: Delicate, Prudent, Motherly, Protective, Romantic, Lady-like, Calm.
Likes: Flowers, Nature, Tea, Silence, Reading, Kids, Peace, Playing with her brother.
Dislikes: Violence, Fights, Blood, Fear, Loud noises.
Traits: She's great at gardening, loves childrens.
Wears: She loves wearing a rose on the top corner of her ears. She also wears various flowers on her mane in very special occasions~.
Relatives: Cadent Light (Little Brother), Catrina Mewale (Sister In Law), Crystal Gemstone (Adoptive Mother), Daisy Flour (Daughter)

Name: Evie Strings
Race: Earth Pony
Colors: White and Black mane. Coat is a combination of pale cream, Pink lady on he rear hooves, and white little heart on her frontal hooves. Her eyes are Light Blue.
Gender: Female
Status: Single
Personality: TBA
Traits: She excels in playing the violin.
Wears: TBA
Relations: TBA

Name: Daisy Flour
Race: Earth pony
Coat color: A shade of blue
Gender: Female
Status: Single
Personality: Tba
Traits: Excellent baker.
Wears: A dress she has on almost all the time.
Relations: Daily Doo (Best Friend), White Rose (Mother)

Name: Satin Twirl
Race: Batpony
Coat Color: Purple
Gender: Female
Status: Single
Personality: Tba
Traits: She's very persuasive.
Wears: Chocker necklace
Relations: Night Blight (Best Friend, Roomies, Business partners)

Name: Elliot
Race: Anthro Siberian Tuxedo Cat
Colors : Black and White (Of course x3)
Gender: Male
Status: Single.
Personality: Hyperactive, Happy, Obnoxious, Friendly, Social, Friendly, Positive, Clingy, Cat-ish Behaviour, Heavy sleeper.
Likes: Friends, Surprise Hugs(And hugs), Snuggles, Cuddles, Pouncing, Petting, Sneaking, Talking, Back Rides, Parkour, Small spaces, Sleeping, Water.
Dislikes: Bullies, Bad People, Lightnings, Loud noises, Sticky stuff, Fights.
Wears: Absolutely nothing, he has a lot of fur.

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Cadent Light

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