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level up bot
Write !help in chat, and I'll help you to get levels :D
In non-Steam game
« [H] 11699x Sets [W] 1 key for 11 sets! »
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Some valuable info :D
This bot is not for sale, nor any other bots of levels.tf
Anyone who says opposing is a lier and trying to scam you.

Commands you may use:

!buy [amount of keys] - buy sets you haven't crafted for a specific amount of keys.

!buybulk [amount of keys] - this command will allow to buy up to 20 of sets of each game we have on a bot.

!check - how many sets you can buy in total.

!level [level you want to reach] - how many sets and keys you need for the level you want to reach. This is calculated from your current level.


What type of keys do you accept?
All CS:GO keys are accepted, except for the capsule and community sticker ones.

Will this bot send me sets which I have already crafted?
No, you will only receive sets which you can still use to level up your steam account.

Can I craft badges for games I don't own?
Yes, you can craft badges regardless of whether you own them or not.

Where can I get keys:
You may buy it in cs:go game, in steam community market or from one of many sellers:
Keep in mind that this bot don’t allow to buy sets with capsule or community sticker keys

More info
Our website is almost ready, feel free to visit it: http://levels.tf

And if you have some spare cards, you can sell it to our friendly bot: https://steamcommunity.com/id/levelstfrandom

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¡¡Levels.tf 1:11 [SALE] Jul 28, 2017 @ 5:52pm 
no sense in commenting. This is a level up bot, please write to owners if you have any questions.