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I am highly impressed with this early access game. The devs are very open to feedback and are consistently pushing out GOOD, community-driven updates. Most recent upcoming update involves making travel a bit more interesting, as it's been complained that that can be quite boring. Multiplayer is in progress, if that's your sort of thing.

+ Devs are constantly working on bug fixes and new content (I first bought this game over a year ago and only played for ~4 hours, I came back a while ago and it was significantly improved)
+ Devs actually listen to community feedback
+ Randomly generated, infinite world, allowing for constant exploration
+ A large system of quests, I've beaten the main quest line and still have many more "side quests" to complete
+ Relaxing game, requiring minimal brain-power (I could easily listen to audiobooks while playing)
+ Great soundtrack (For when I wasn't listening to audiobooks)
+ HUGE amount of items and lore books
+ Can run well (40 fps) on my crappy computer (4 gigs RAM, GTS 250, duo-core CPU [2.5 GHz])
+ Not overpriced
+ You can put multiple items on the same hotkey (For example, I can press 6 once and pull out my compass, or press it twice and pull out my spyglass)

- Combat doesn't vary, and can become quite bland
- Bugs/glitches* (None are gamebreaking, so far)
- Early-game can be a little frustrating (Resources are quite scarce, and you can't accurately start making your map [see neutral point 3] until you get a sextant, which can take up to an hour to get)
- Travel can become boring (This is where audiobooks come in)
- Worlds may have to be reset with some updates*
- Requires basic compass/map navigational skills (Can be learned in 5 minutes on google)

NEUTRAL (Some players will view these as pros, and others as cons)
-+ Graphics aren't the best (If this drives you away, you're missing out a lot of good games)
-+ Infinite inventory (It removes part of the challenge of inventory management, although there becomes a point where you can't access some items until you remove others to make room for them in the visible inventory)
-+ You create your map (Cartography)
-+ You are never OP (Enemies have a minimum amount of damage they do and some will always be a bit of a challenge)

Overall, I give this game an 8/10 as it is now, but predict it will become a 10/10. The only things that bring this down are the bland combat and the occasional obnoxious bug. I've, essentially, beaten the game and there are still loads of things I have not done and tons of items I have yet to discover. Content is constantly added and is always great. It is definitely worth buying.

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Suitii May 16 @ 5:11pm 
I added you for your giveaway guide! I don't believe in any giveaways but now I know for sure which ones to not fall to if I ever look into them, so I support your helpful guides and you all the way!
dragon May 14 @ 3:40pm 
Thanks for trying to spead the word about these dubious 'giveaways'. It's probably a fight a reasonable person can't win against the masses of naive followers, but going through the effort to at least try is worth a lot in my books. Maybe Valve will at one point step in to moderate this a little more effectively.
Kryslum May 12 @ 12:19pm 
@RedEagle3 I feel like that's covered with this, "Asking for "donations" for entries is turning the "giveaway" into a raffle."
I suppose it is a bit different, but that still makes it become a raffle as opposed to a giveaway.
RedEagle3 May 12 @ 8:33am 
about that guide you made you forgot to mention that say there giving away a heatwave and they ask for 1 key to enter and thats it if 1000 people enter they get 1000 keys and all they did was give away like 18-20 keys worth of a item
Kryslum May 11 @ 5:59pm 
Definitely wish I could filter things that have [H]/[W] or variants thereof, and there are these places to trade that are quite popular already.
Th3OnlyPTRS41 May 11 @ 5:37pm 
Sorry bout your guide getting shit on by RL traders. I wish there was an option to disable comments or filter spam a bit. RL people dont have a dedicated website I know of so that may be why