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►Favorit Teams: NiP, :virtuspro:, BIG, FaZe, mousesports

►Favorit Players: f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, Snax, TaZ, karrigan, NiKo, allu, suNny, styko

►Knife History:
-Flip Knife - Crimson Web (MW)
-Flip Knife - Blue Steel (FT)
-Falchion Knife - Blue Steel (FT)
-Flip Knife - Ultraviolet (FT)
-Bowie Knife - Boreal Forest (FT)
-Huntsman Knife - Boreal Forest (FT)
-Huntsman Knife - Stained (FT)
-Karambit - Ultraviolet (FT)
-Bayonet - Autotronic (BS)
-Huntsman - Fade (FN/80% Fade)
-M9 Bayonet - Vanilla
-Karambit - Ultraviolet (FT/0.16 Float/bae <3)
-M9-Bayonet - Boreal forest (ft/0.15)
-Huntsman - Vanilla
-Flipknife - autotronic (ft)
-Shadow Daggers - Crimson Web (mw)
-M9 - Bayonet - Bright Water (FT)
-Bayonet - Boreal Forest (FT/0.9)
-Flip knife - Lore (mw)
-Shaddow Daggers - Crimson Web (ft/0.16)
-M9 Bayonet - Boreal Forest (ft/)
-Moto Gloves - Eclipse (ft/)
-Butterfly - Blue steel (ft/)
-M9 Bayonet - Autotronic (ft)
-Specialist Gloves - Forest DDPAT (ft)
-Butterfly - Boreal Forest (mw)
-Bowie Knife - Slaugther (mw)
-Flipknife - Lore (ft/0.22)
-Huntsman - Damaskus steel (ft)
-Bayonet - Autotronic (ft)
-M9 Bayonet - Doppler (ph1)
-Karambit - Crimson web (ft)
-M9 Bayonet - Tiger Tooth (FN)
-Flip knife - Gamma Doppler (FN)
-Bayonet - Autotronic (ft)
-karambit - ultraviolet (ft/0.16)

►sickest drops from gabeN:
-Flip Knife - Crimson Web (MW/180€)
-M4A4 - Hellfire (FN/30€)
-Flusha Gold (10€)
-markeloff Gold (6€)
-M4A1-S Hot Rod (Operation Drop/65€)
- kioshima Gold (6€)
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SSWIF Sep 15 @ 1:47pm 
+rep big ♥♥♥♥ plays from the big ♥♥♥♥ guy :cozycastondeath: [spoiler/]
Exhile Sep 14 @ 4:27pm 
+rep chill dude, plays well.
TuleKr1s Aug 15 @ 12:06pm 
+rep nice player
BEST LOTTERY Aug 14 @ 8:17pm 
Dear winner
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Logan Aug 9 @ 1:04pm 
I agree with comment below, guy has 2.8k hours in csgo yet sucks balls, kicks better people for no reason lmao. Glad you lost.
rensert Aug 8 @ 2:34pm 
hes so bad at csgo its unreal