hon hon baguette c:   Champagne-Ardenne, France
22 y.o, labyrinth designer, theme park enthusiast, rhythm game fan!
Confirmed goo furry degenerate :PuroHappy: Trades are CLOSED
Twitter - FurAffinity account [www.furaffinity.net]:WhiteWolfInterset:

Avatar art commissioned from PastelCore - Source


Face reveal : https://i.imgur.com/sG0oE08.jpg https://i.imgur.com/clwmNgZ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/vPwp97m.jpg

Orientation : Demisexual / Gay - Taken

Fandoms : Furry, Whovian (fan since 2005 reboot)

Fav. shows : Sherlock (BBC), Black Mirror (BBC), Game of Thrones, Steven Universe, The OA, Doctor Who, MLP:FiM

Music I listen to : Mike Oldfield, Infected Mushroom, Savant, Pendulum, Shpongle, deadmau5, Danger, Odyssey Eurobeat, OMNI

Games I play :

- Minecraft
- StepMania
- Garry's Mod (Breach)
- Crypt of the NecroDancer
- BioShock series
- Prey
- RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
- Alien Isolation
- Ori & The Blind Forest
- Dead Space 1 & 2
- Celeste
- The Talos Principle


Furry oc refs : https://imgur.com/a/IBgVsL0

- Name : Rémi (same as real life name)

- Species :

- Abilities : Shape shifting, liquid shifting, can switch to quadruped form

- Other forms: boar, canine hybrid, deer, feral, pooltoy

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Friend invites are fine, as long as your profile isn't private and you're not inviting me just for my Steam level. I leveled up to 199 because I love to collect things in general - you should see my bedroom - and that includes badges on Steam. I'm not important to the community.

I often sort through my friends list, deleting people I don't remember at first glance. Don't take it personally if I remove you, just re-invite me back if I made a mistake

Don't bother trying to interact with me if you're just some horny furry/14 year old teen who's only looking to rp with someone. I'm not into that RP/ERP bs, stop.

You don't have to invite me for trades - You can use my trade link directly:


I ONLY trade Barbie trading cards and booster packs. The game is no longer available on Steam.


I originally bought it so I could shitpost on my profile, today I farm cards for other players so they too can obtain a badge of their own and the neat Barbie themed profile backgrounds that come with it c:

Check out this thread if you're interested :

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Taken by an adorable dutchie <3
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