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Strangely really fun! Bought it because it was on sale and as a software developer myself, I wanted to see if I could live the dream in a virtual world :)
The concept is really simple and it's repetitive BUT the repetitive actions occur fast and have consequences which you need to quickly adapt to in order to avoid going bankrupt, which keeps you on your toes.
You start in your garage and you have to research concepts, teach yourself different skills to develop, decide which consoles (N64, Gameboy, Playstation, PC, etc) you are going to develop games on etc.
It's really nice to just play in windowed mode and enjoy a few clicks every now and then. Definitely worth every penny based on the current Summer Sale price.
The welcome message from the dev team was nice too :)
Posted June 24, 2014.
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Love the game on mobile, they've tried to develop it on PC but they've just overcomplicated it and tried to add too much freedom.
The reason people love the handheld version is because it is really simple. Now the game allows you to run around throughout the entire game, which in theory sounds good but it's really poor.
You call for a pass whilst running and your teammates pass behind you then you get the blame for calling for the pass poorly when in reality you're teammate is to blame for the hideous pass.
Trying to head the ball is abysmal too.
Once you get the ball, you can go on a lot of dribbles and play some nice passes in to your teammates but it's very difficult to tackle opponents and because your teammates can barely pass to you, you find yourself having played 1 pass throughout a game of 90 minutes.

It's cheap so if you enjoy the handheld version, you'll have a voice in your head urging you to buy this. However don't say I didn't warn you!

Oh yes, also the game keeps crashing. I've googled the error to no avail. An exception occurs so perhaps the developers need to try and look into what causes the exception to be thrown.
Posted June 17, 2014.
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Showing 1-2 of 2 entries