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my name used to be "-=NHS=- Ⓚⓦⓐⓢ", but was changed because people have informed me that some tf2 huds do not support the bubble text, and it shows invis, which causes a bunch of problems down the line. as well, my username [Kwas] is NOT from this [en.wikipedia.org], or anything close to it

other stuff I do:
I made and maintain all these [neonheights.xyz]
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A spell that replaces normal bullet tracers (NOT Critical Hit tracers), and their accompanying muzzle flashes.
When a weapon with this spell hits the wall critically instead of a player, ghosts will come out of the impact site.

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Status - Pending, Created by - -=NHS=- Kwas
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bro please do not click the right eye cmon no 2015 jokes cmon bro please
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I understood that reference
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gave me a free unusual💯