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Posted: May 26 @ 7:01am

There is no place to really begin with a review for a game like this. It’s made by one man, and it shows. It is a game full of jank that you will generally have to play around to get to any kind of fun, or the jank can be its own kind of fun. But if you have no tolerance for unpolished games? Definitely stay away.
What do I mean when I say unpolished?
The character models look like they’re from 2006 or so, and that extends out to the rest of the graphics of the game. Animations are there, you know characters are doing something when they do it, but they’re stiff and tend to look awkward. It all honestly serves its purpose, but you know that the graphics were not intentionally at this level, and that the developer most likely would have improved them if they were able to do so. I will say the vehicles look nice in comparison to the rest of the game.
The graphics leads us into the issue of framerate. I played this on a Geforce GTX 1070 and aside from the initial loading being around 5-10fps, most of the game I got around 40fps. It’s extremely unoptimized, sadly. Towards the end of the game when a lot of things are happening around the open world, the framerate dropped to 15fps or below until getting through those quests, and then it was just 15-20fps from then on out.
The audio is fine? Like, the game sounds okay and nothing ever really jumped out at me as feeling like a really bad sound effect. Voice acting was... professional like the Steam store says, but not all of the VAs really gave it significant effort. Plus, they were also dealing with a script that contained grammatical issues that some just read as-is. None of the voice acting was missed, though. It’s all there, for better or worse.
And speaking of the script, the base story isn’t bad? It exists, and it’s there, and you can generally tell where things are going as you play. It’s not going to be surprising in particular, but it’s not the low point of this game by any stretch. There are some funny points that are probably supposed to be funny? I’m not sure, but I did find things to be amused about here and there.
As far as game-breaking bugs go? I only really ran into one. If you find yourself in the desert and looking at a small bunker entrance under a pile of rocks called Old Satellite Bunker, don’t go in. It basically doesn’t teleport you into the bunker and leaves you outside with no terrain visible. The only way to fix this appears to be by going into the Digitizer building. Otherwise, going in to/out of any other places will likely just crash. Beyond that, though, the game is perfectly playable as far as the achievements, quests, and everything goes.
I didn’t 100% the game, but ended up at around 15 hours of gameplay, so decent length for the price. Might be better to get it when it’s on sale, but you could do worse. There’s plenty to do in the game, though you may end up driving back and forth a lot.
Gunplay is... well, it exists. I didn’t do any melee, but you can also play the game with that. There are three melee weapons that I know of, but there could be another one hiding out there.
Honestly, I was entertained throughout my whole play through, though perhaps not for reasons that the game intended. If you’re looking for something to MST3K with friends or whatever, it can probably fill that niche pretty well. If you’ve read to this point, you honestly know what you’re getting into and I’d recommend it for janky fun.

I’ve also posted my full playthrough of the game here[kuoushi.com] if you’d like to see where I got all of the above from, or simply see how the game actually plays.
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