Collecting games. Just for the sake of it. There are no plans on playing all of them. Might get through a few... I'll see.
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About Item Trading
Hello Traveller!
I see you somehow have come across my profile. Welcome!
This is a place of calm and peace, please take a seat and read through what i have to tell you:

If you want to trade some of my CS items , be aware that i'm collecting blue skins. Like literaly blue ones. I like those. So it's hard for me to let them go. If you want one of them you better trade well.
All of the other skins i'm not to worried about. Go ahead and make a reasonable offer, i'll accept it or make a counteroffer.

If you are interested in trading anything else ( cards, emoticons, etc ) just send me an offer .

Do not add me just to discuss trades. Send a meaningless offer (card for emoticon or sth like that) and tell me there what you want to tell me.

My "Storage-Account" kosalo200 got some cases and some Keys. If you want anything out of that inventory send a tradeoffer there and a message to this account.

Good luck trading, stay positive!

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