My Discord is 8.#8080
Super-Admin for Wonderland.TF & Elysium.TF

Please comment before adding me, unless I know you from somewhere.
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About adding me
➤ I do not like trading, do not add me for that.
➤ I regularly remove users I don't talk to all that much.

About Wonderland & Elysium
You may add me for help in either of these communities, however keep in mind that:

➤ Immediate player reports can be made via /calladmin or on the respective Discord server.
➤ (Player/bug) reports, ban appeals, and staff applications go to the respective (sub-)forums.

Wonderland Discord [discord.gg]
Wonderland forum [wonderland.tf]
Elysium Discord [discord.gg]
Elysium forum [elysium.tf]
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「Eight」 4 hours ago 
Contact Xypher in the future for bugs/technical issues.
Teräs Makkara~ 8 hours ago 
yeah nevermind it seems it's already known, ignore my comment
Teräs Makkara~ 8 hours ago 
already contacted one admin but he might be busy, i have a glitch to report on the wonderland minecraft trade servers, it concerns friendly mode, i'm on the minecraft realms server 2
Yuri Sep 15 @ 5:59pm 
「Eight」 Sep 15 @ 5:40pm 
I'd rather keep it to the thread, it's more organized even if there's lots of posts.
Meepminer Sep 15 @ 5:16pm 
Agreed, Kitts. Speaking of my wife, Eight honey can I add you to discuss Wonderland.tf?