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I found majesk [*]fenglee


As a coach :

ESL Challengers S45 with Looking4Org (Makazin, hAdji, Ex3rcice, Djoko & Lucky)
ESL Challengers S46 Winners #1 :) with 3DMAX (Makazin, hAdji, Ex3rcice, Djoko & Lucky)

ESL Challengers Jonkoping 7/8th :( with 3DMAX (Makazin, hAdji, Ex3rcice, Djoko & Lucky)
RMR Bucharest 2024 1-3 :( with 3DMAX (Makazin, hAdji, Ex3rcice, Djoko & Lucky)


As a Player :

ECN Div 1 Saison 5 with fenglee (Enjoy, majesK, nearnet & DOUBEIB)
ECN Div 1 Saison 7 with clear (BouLy, mikeee, noxii & jarod)
ECN Div 1 Saison 10 with Warthox (Ex3rcice, mln, Reaz & kriikzus)
ECN Div 1 Saison 12? with Next-G (YouKnow, Nono2k, BouLy & Empera)
Montée en ESEA Advanced with Glorious
Louvard Legend Stage with Warthox
Kayzr League with Exalty
Top 4 Kayzr League with Next-G

Top 2 ECN Div 2 with fenglee
Top 2 ECN Div 2 with EZ

Top1 1v1 aim_map LDLC x Zowie

Top 2 Afti-lan with Dansl'jus (Bouly, XpG, AM & kubzyy)
Top 2 Afti-lan with Guapo (Sone, wasink, revol & reaz)
Top 2 Eaubonnes Esport with fenglee.mix (majesK, enjoy, set, iRn)
Top 3 Afti-lan with Ubuntu (Makazin, BouLy, nono2k & YouKnow)
Top 4 La Coupe #2 with MTP (YouKnow, Yeneurs, siv0lts + day0s en last)
Top 4 Valenciennes Game Arena with fenglee (majesK, enjoy, set, joozy)
Top 5/6 La Coupe #1 with Wonderfish (drqkon, tchoupi, zeinyh & patafix)
Top 5/8 Louvard with Clear (BouLy, noxi, jarod, mike)
Top 5/8 Reims Esport with fenglee (majesK, enjoy, set, evy)
Top 5/8 Rouen Esport with aW (majesK, potei, luka, azza)
HF LAN#13 with zoo (edzz, kamesuzar, bobby, jokers)
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