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23-12-2018: Loving [Lazy] Bastion
looking for Game-mysteries...oh and of course the cake.

and believe me,the cake is Ant-solutly Delish.

"A Sound Soul
Dwells in a Sound Mind,
and a Sound Body." - Soul Eater

"Protect Me,Cone!" - Grif in "Red Vs Blue S8 Ep 10 - This One Goes To Eleven"

"Part 5 : Booby Trap The Stalemate Button!" - Wheatley in Portal 2

"Night Of The Living Bread! Zombies Going "Graiins.......GRAAAIIINS???!"!" - The "Hero" of Dragonfable,in the Ice Creamatorium Mission.

"Could it be,could it be,that your joking with me?
and you dont really see,you and me?" -Ruby,as sung by the Kaiser Chiefs

"I think we are close to the Top,close to the Top of the Hill!" - DWP making one AWESOME song!

"Ground Control to Major Tom,your Circuit's dead,there's something wrong!"
"Can you hear me,Major Tom?" - like in the song Space Oddity,Alan Wake Credits

"Marty: Doc, how is this possible? I saw the DeLorean get hit by the train! "
"Doc: Umm ahh, Look behind you a three headed monkey!!! " - A Conversation that went Back To The Future

"Luke, holding one's tophat in place while kicking a villain's ass is the sign of a True Gentleman." - Professor Layton,if he was going to teach Luke the ways of the Superhero Business.

"I've Got No Hand In Matters Worldly,I Hardly Care At All.
What's Going On Fails To Concern Me,Cause I'm Locked Behind My Wall.
But You Know What Drives Me Out
Out Of My Mind?" - Poets Of The Fall,Illusion & Dream

"Rewind, I wanna go it again, light up the dark, halo on the side
So I'll know it will not leave me wanting, I see my heart, waving me bye-bye
Rewind, I wanna go it again, light up the dark, halo on the side" - Poets Of The Fall,Rewind

""Allons-y!" " 'Scuse me?" "That's French for "Let's Go!""
"You know,i've always wanted to meet someone called Alonzo,cause then i could say "Allons-y,Alonzo!" every time!" - Dr. Who's Doctor,who talks with multiple people about the saying "Allons-y!"

""Oh,i Love Christmas! Ooooh,and Presents! LOVE THEM! Although......i AM always dissapointed,that they're never bigger on the Inside..... ^^" David Tennant as The Doctor in a 2009 Christmas ad on BBC 1

"You Could've Gotten Yourself Killed!"
"The Safety Was On The Entire Time!"
"Why Didn't You Tell Me?!"
"Where's The Fun In That?" - Richard Castle,talking to Inspector Beckett in Castle Episode 1 - Flowers For Your Grave.

"Those moving buckets there, they are the Daleks
they whine so much you'd swear that they have colic
I think I know why they're irate
If they make it to the second floor
I'll show then what that plunger's for!"
- Aurelio Voltaire, It's Bigger on the Inside

Walk Away,Walk Away,
Arrivederci To This Day!!
- Lavender Harmony feat. Harridan Sky - Odyssey Eurobeat & Bronyfied, Desinenza

And now for something completly Different: If you ever value your life, then DONT. TELL. ME. THE. RULES!!!!

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Daku Nov 22, 2013 @ 12:03pm 
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Janrin Jan 29, 2013 @ 2:34pm 
Hello kevin, I just want to say that I bought Deadlight, Little inferno and Sleeping Dogs.
Janrin Sep 23, 2012 @ 12:23am 
He kev, ik wou nog even zeggen dat het kan. Ik was gisteren te bezig met dingen opblazen.
Zirrrus Jul 12, 2012 @ 10:57am 
Weird Rhyme Time: Ancient Underground Neighborhood You(B. K.) :D
Mad Turkey Feb 12, 2012 @ 2:10am 
hello guv'na!!