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Salut Kenny dieux de l'awp pourrai tu signer mon profil mec ?
Dragonic_Kitten 2 hours ago 
Everyone, the kenny:R claiming to do the giveaways is false. Check the level difference and profile. My friend and I realized this, so please report the faker, it's really wrong to scam like that.
Thanks for reading this.
✪ yuzukj | 9Milly 4 hours ago 
send nudes
sharK 4 hours ago 
sign my profile
viZual 4 hours ago 
Nice job against fnatic! :D: sign my profile?
kenny:R 5 hours ago 
GIVEAWAY for all! Everybody wins!

Thanks for your wishes and support in the tournament! |

Everyone who send any skins, get double worth.
For example one skin 3$, u get back your skin and I give you
additionally skin worth 3$ from me (6$ together!)
Max 5 skins or 1 knife in trade offer. All skins back to you in counter-offer.
One of you win my Bayonet M9 | Doppler - Factory new (min. 5$ deposit)!

My Trade link: