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"High School is one of those times where you wish it will last forever but at the same time wish that it ends sooner"- The Guy's Profile You're Reading This On

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Just because we're all human doesn't mean our minds all work the same.

We perceive differently. We feel differently. We carry different experiences.

So if you feel isolated because you can't relate the same way as others, you're not alone. There are others out there like you!

--MatPat or somebody more original

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SIMPLE QUESTIONS WITH COMPLICATED ANSWERS *Please read otherwise I have to tell you in game why you should've looked here if you were interested in knowing about me*

Are you a "Friend Collector/Trader?

A : No and to be honest, I'm more willing to be alone since being quiet is something I am more use to. I don't really care about how big my friends list gets but I have decided by now that I am really not willing to trade for any reason unless I personally feel like it so if trading with me becomes one of the options you consider after getting to know me more then its probably best to just look for someone more willing to. Sorry...

What do you do when you're on Steam/Online in general?

A : I just come on here to play games, listen to music, and relax.

- I am more quiet than I am talkative but I do make big and long messages if I feel like I need to elaborate more on my thoughts.......just a heads up if you ever need to talk.

- I have some form of both sympathy and empathy if you ever have a problem with anything whether its in real life or just in game.

In Case You Only Came Here to "Make Me Mad"

- Its R E A L L Y hard to piss me off or trigger me just because you might have more experience (Trashtalkers where some are even new to Tf2) or because I suddenly die more often in a game. I won't use excuses at any time for why I die so much but I will act smart about whats currently happening so if I appear quiet coming from those who want to talk then I'm probably more focused on my aim and movement so I can improve and benefit in later gameplay (tryhard yea yea yea whatever many of you do it too so keep your comments to yourself ya hypocrites)

- I usually play just to have fun, don't expect me to be a god team player who carries since even I'm not that good myself but I do intend to improve after a while. I play and laugh so almost most things are more of a lesson in what I should try doing next time I open up the game

Possible Reasons to Consider in Why You "Shouldn't" Try to Add Me

1) Now I know often some people want to randomly leave a friend request for various reasons. I have no problem in your reason why but please unless I know you from a server and you were okay/cool/chill from my perspective, explain why you added me in the comments section otherwise I will most likely ignore you since I eventually will try to open up to society more but at the same time I want to atleast know the reason I am friends with whoever added me before I randomly accept anything.

2) I don't accept friend requests if you're just going to ask me about my inventory/wanting to trade/looking for a deal to make. I stopped trading a long time ago and as good as the offer may sound, I just don't want to give away most of my stuff since it feels valuable to me (even if its worth more/less).

3) I have heard people say that I am "nice and respectful" based on my small reputation on servers I visit alot which I am thankful for the nice comments but I will eventually tend to keep notice of who does what over time. Due to my past experience in Tf2 I have recently noticed that some people are willing to say things only for attention or just wanting to get something out of you which is like taking advantage of a person's kindness when they least expect it.

4) I personally feel like I'm more of an "ITEM" collector than I am willing to give out stuff. I wrote the word item in all caps since saying you're collector can sometimes have you mistaken for as someone who is only searching for random people to spam friend requests in hopes of having a huge list or scammers intending to have a large inventory.

5) I will donate to someone for the following: * I've seen them in a game/watched their youtube content before and I thought they were cool people in general, * Sometimes I am willing to give things based from my genuine neutral (less willing to fight or argue) and kind (I wanted to give you something) nature

--------------------- Extra Things You Can Do After Getting to Know Me --------------------------

- If you've met me before in a game and you think I'm a cool dude from your perspective, you can always donate an item out of your choice. I enjoy helping people whenever I can and I wouldn't mind any sort of gratitude or appreciation for my prescence. (Help a dude out sometimes it feels nice to receive something after a while) :


- I don't make music but I have a soundcloud in case you ever wonder what I listen to though what you might see on my profile doesn't neccesarily mean thats the only stuff I like.


- Ever heard of Wattpad? You can go to my profile here and read more things about me ( I made my first wattpad book in March so everything in the first pages up to half way are all from March till now in case you get confused if I made the book all in one day. You can go back to the book and edit/create more pages.) :

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SdKfz (late reply) gg after several other times where you killed me more and now my pc is having constant strokes so you always will until I upgrade to something better.
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