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I'm not absolutely sure, but I think this is a game about having sex with flowers. There's probably a word for that. Floraphilia? Sure, let's call it floraphilia.

So, you're a floraphile, and your goal is to make sweet, sweet love to an infinitely long flower for an indeterminately long period of time. Appropriately enough, you engage in the aforementioned floraphilia by tickling the trippy insides of your sylvan lover. Tickle them too much though, and you'll be prematurely ejaculated from the flower, and no-one wants that. That seems to be about it. Nary a hint of foreplay, and as for pillow-talk, let's just say that's no bed of roses either.

Piling onto the already burgeoning raft of assumptions I've made with this review, I'm further assuming that Luxuria Superbia is a lifelike representation of boning garden plants, and ergo we can conclude that getting jiggy with a geranium is extremely tedious and barely arousing at all.
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