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Hello World!

Complete Baby Stage
Unlocked Mar 11, 2022 @ 4:22pm

Leaving Home

Complete Preschool Stage
Unlocked Mar 11, 2022 @ 4:29pm

First Steps

Learn 10 Skills
Unlocked Mar 11, 2022 @ 4:29pm

Good Kid

Earn A on an Exam
Unlocked Mar 11, 2022 @ 4:29pm


Go on a trip!
Unlocked Mar 11, 2022 @ 4:58pm

Apple of my Eye

Complete an Expectation
Unlocked Mar 11, 2022 @ 4:45pm

The Big World

Complete Elementary School Stage

Going through Changes

Complete Middle School Stage

All Grown Up!

Complete a Life!

Set for Life

Learn 50 Skills
16 / 50

Having Fun

Perform Entertainment Activities 100 times
36 / 100

Young Entrepreneur

Perform Work Activities 50 times
0 / 50

Choose Your Path

Make a choice in a branching Skill Tree


Master 20 Skills
16 / 20


Master 40 Skills
16 / 40

Armed & Ready

Master an SAT activity

You Shall Pass

Acquire Full Exam Readiness

Methodical Learning

Acquire Full Exam Readiness in all Exams

Sleepless Nights

Earn A on all Exams

Resourceful Student

Use Exam Power-Ups 50 times
0 / 50

Technically Not Cheating

Use 10 Eureka Power-Ups during the Final SAT Exam

Great Scott!

Use Brain Map bonuses 100 times
8 / 100

A Beautiful Mind

Earn 300 Attribute points in total during one Brain Map mini-game

Gifted Learner

Raise the Passive Growth of an Attribute to 50

We Were Never Friends

Lose a Friend

School Sweetheart

Marry one of your School Friends

American Dream

Earn the Best Ending of any career

Teen Spirit

Complete Patty's Story!

Number One

Complete Alex's Story!

Fate Averted

Complete Nathan's Story!

Two Worlds

Complete Kato's Story!

Gal Pal

Complete Alicia's Story!

Peer Pressure

Complete Sam's Story!

Bathroom Troubles

Complete Felicity's Story!

New Beginnings

Complete Parul's Story!

Camera! Action!

Complete Luca's Story!


Complete Mei's Story!

Eye of the Beholder

Complete Elliot's Story!


Complete Alessandra's Story!

Heart Beat

Complete Minh's Story!

To Protect and Serve

Complete Riley's Story!

Game of the Year

Complete Neal's Story!

Stone Head

Complete Coach's Story!

Once Upon a Time

Complete Sergio's Story!

My Own Stuff!

Buy item for the first time

Black Friday

Buy 50 items total from the various stores
0 / 50


Try all food at least once
0 / 30

Proud Parents

Buy a special request


Spend 3500 Pride on Requests
325 / 3,500

You're in Trouble!

Fail an Expectation

From 9 to 5

Complete 10 Expectations
3 / 10

Sound of the Future

Complete Richard's Story!

Wendy Krueger

Complete Wendy's Story!

All the World's a Stage

Complete Bobbie's Story!

Super Hero

Complete Jake's Story!

Re-Election Committee

Complete Charles's Story!

900 Series

Complete The Lad's Story!

Smoke and Mirrors

Complete Daz's Story!

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