Asger Yde - I AM BACK
Asger Yde   Arhus, Arhus, Denmark

How to make sure its real me:
My id will ALWAYS be /ItzAsger.
I have 200+ reps.
Typically a big and NON private inventory.
LVL 100.

Happy boy who loves csgo trading!
If you want to trade dont add me, just send me a offer.

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All you need to know (and a bit more)

It seems a lot of people have been making fake profiles of me lately.
So if any "Discussion account" adds you, its not me this is my ONLY account!

List of impersonators:

The list will be updated everytime i find a new impersonater, please write me a message if u spot a impersonater!

- Now lets get to my story & and my resell.

Hello and welcome to my Steam profile! - Here is some info about me and what i do.

Who am i?

I'm a boy from Denmark that lives in the second biggest city called "Aarhus".
As a job i resell Counter-strike skins, but i'm starting to get into other kinds of cryptos.
Next year i’m going to a boarding school with one of my friends, so i’m not gonna be able to be playing that much computer in that time :( EDIT: I'm actually not going to boarding school - even tho i told my dad i could pay for it, he still wont let me go to boarding school. According to him i'm not enough "grown up" yet.

My interests in the moment is primarily my job, playing computer games, being with friends, i also really enjoy spending money on food xd.

Recently i have also discovered the amazing part about traveling. It might only be "Odense" or "Copenhagen" which is in Denmark, but i still think i discover new things which i really enjoy!

Traveling for me can also just go to a LAN party with some friends of mine, and play CS:GO all night (litteraly).

About my resell.

I'm always having skins in stock to sell, but im also always buying.

If you are a scammer, there is no reason to add. I will never go first, or log on any weird site.

It’s the same thing about giving skins, i don’t give skins to strangers, even if i get to know you/ play cs with you.

My history.

This sounds like i’m some kind of legend which i’m of course not, but i have been playing different games and get to known a lot of people in many different communities.

My interest for computers started way back when in 2009 when i was starting to play small computer games on different websites, i especially remember playing a christmas games and i just try harded it so hard.

But then i had a lot of personal problems in my first years of the primary schools, so i decided to get some other friends on a website called “Moviestarplanet”

Even tho i ended buying VIP for like 300$ on the site i don't regret it, i played that from around 2012-2014.

But then i got my first real gamer pc in January 2014 and i started to play minecraft with some other danish guys in my age, sadly i don't got contact to any of those guys today.

I tried making my own YouTube channel in 2015 which is still out there, it's called “ItzAsger” i started making small videos, but i never really got where i wanted.

So i tried starting streaming in 2016, i got a bit more success and definitely made some friends which i still talks to these days.

Then in November 2016 my parents allowed me to play counter strike, they wouldn't let me before because it was too violently.

But then i just played surfing the first 1 year of owning the game, i use to also gamble a lot, only for like 5-20$. I even made a YouTube channel in September 2017 called “Blakmand” i only made like 5 videos on there, then i got kinda bored of gambling.

It was then i started to play counter strike for real, one of my friends (back then) called Anna posted on her story that she wanted to play counter strike and i was like why not.
Then shortly after i started playing i won a giveaway on twitter on a Gut doppler, i remember being so excited because having a knife in cs had been a dream for me in a long time.

Then i one month later won another giveaway on some shadow daggers fade, i just got so happy that i could not express it - it was there i started getting into resell, i will get back to that in a minute.

Then the most crazy thing happened, i won a m9 doppler in a giveaway, or at least i thought.

It was because i had bought some graphics from this guy on twitter, and then he asked for my tradelink to the payment.

Apparently then when he won the giveaway he came in my tradelink so i got the knife, and i really didn’t know what to do.

I was a bit pissed on the guy because he had been using a template to make the graphics, but at the same side i wanted to send it back because i would’ve liked that.

The guy was starting to giving my threats about Ddosing me and dislike bot all of my YouTube videos.

I remember just getting pissed, sending him the gut doppler i just won and 4x ak-47 redline ft, we haven't speeched since.

But after that episode i had my m9 and the shadow daggers for a while before i then wanted to sell them.

So i then went to facebook to sell my skins, and i remember a guy buying some of my skins for 300DKK (46$)

But i then quickly wanted some new skins, which i bought for 300DKK, and when i got tirred of them, i just sold them again, but this time at 350DKK.

I was so excited again because i thought that i could make money on this, and then i did.

(Around 1500$ of profit the day 23-10-18)
Holy shit, already at 14-11-18 my profit is at fucking 3000$ haha

Ehhmm at the date of 08-12-18 i have made a total of 5350$ lmaooooooo

This year has been absolutely crazy, at the date of 21-12-18 i calculated when i get everything sold out around 31-12-18 i have made a alltime profit of 7400$, within 1 year at a age of 14/15.

The date is now 20-01-19 and when i get everything sold out now, the profit for all time is around 15.000$

The date, 14-02-19 my all time profit when i get it all sold out, is aroud 22.000$.

Now its 22-03-19 and when i get all sold out i have around 30.000$.

Tbh i have no idea about how much i got right now. I have like 1500$ on bitskins, like 300€ steam balance, and some skins that is reserved but can't be traded yet. But i think its around 35.000$ all time - it has slowed down a bit since january/february (mainly because i'm spending less time trading and more time with friends)

Also a thing is that i've starting to pay tax to my country here in december, sounds a bit weird but i dont wanna risk anything.

But back to feb 2018 - I stopped after around 3 months of reselling because i got stressed and i had been trading for more than 10.000$ and it was not allowed for me to resell for more at that time because i was 14 y/o.

Im now back after starting late september, and the only thing i wanna do know is to keep doing what i do, and see where it takes me.

Thanks for reading :)

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