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Jacob   Australia

Yeah I am Jacob or SassyTheSasquatch

I stream and create content on both youtube and twitch @itzsassym8 for both
Competitive TF2:

UGC Steel Highlander S22 ??- Carry Me Highlander (sniper, demo, heavy)
UGC Plat Highlander S21 8th- Stationary Breakfast (sub)
UGC Steel Highlander S20 10th- Vashta Nerada (core demo)
UGC Steel Highlander S19 6th- The Steel Dream Team (core sniper)
UGC Steel Highlander S18 6th- DankMemez Highlander (core sniper)
UGC Steel Highlander S17 dnp- Black Bloods Highlander (core pyro)
UGC Steel Highlander S16 4th - High 8 Plus Sassy M8 (core pyro)
UGC Steel Highlander S15 4th- Momentum (core pyro)
Owl 13 Div 5 3rd- CBS (sub Scout or pocket)
Owl 14 Div 5 5th- High6 (core roamer)
OZF Open S16 6th- Straight Outta Bandwith (core roamer)
OZF Open S17 4th- Straight Outta Bandwith (sub)
OZF Open S18 11th - Toy Story 6 (core pocket) (with like 5 gamers)
OZF Open S19 3rd - Sand People (core pocket) (played demo for Lipton Tea at the start of the season, they finished 5th)
OZF Intermediate S20 - Crack Smoking Monkeys (core pocket)
A mid summers night cup 1 Prem 7th- Worlds Blankiest Blank (sub)
A mid summers night cup 2 Prem 7th- Worlds Blankiest Blank (sub)
UGC S21 6rs 11th - A bomb in Nation (core roamer)
UGC S23 6rs 5th - UGC Prem 6rs (core Pocket)
UGC S24 6rs 3rd- jews "R" us (core Pocket
UGC 4v4 S4- Autistic 4 (core soldier) (left)
UGC 4v4 S4- Minecraft (core soldier)
Get Hypr Ultiduo Aus S1 lower 2nd- AfroNinja and Me (pocket)
TFTV EU WEEKLY SERIES #3- Team cyka (pocket scout) 9-16th
AFC S13- Mad Science (Pocket) - tba


Most Improved OWL 14 Div 5
Top Ten TF2 Plays of the Month June 2015!
Top Ten TF2 Plays of the Month June 2017!

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last played on Aug 18
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last played on Aug 16
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last played on Jun 14
SpiderFast Jul 17 @ 4:14am 
had fun with u on the team, best wishes to you when teams leave u teamless
Teuchi Jul 7 @ 6:51am 
-rep goodluck going pro in silver all you need is another 2.4k hrs to get out of silver i believe in you :)
kenjikenjikenji Jun 6 @ 3:33am 
RIP to the greatest soldier main to ever touch the game
__ Feb 26 @ 5:21am 
yes you're worse
the thing is I can break down everything you did wrong in that game, and I aint no average silver
__ Feb 26 @ 4:42am 
most useless ♥♥♥♥ on the team. complains like average silver on reddit