fuck frag videos im never going to make one and dont put me in one either

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[19:01:49][All]Count Chocula: how strange a sniper that never deviate
[19:01:53][All]Count Chocula: hacker
MERC changed their name to non-deviating sniper. R.I.P Dirty Bomb 2015-2019

[1:03 AM]
seduce me

[D|Baron II] my_dog : b4nny never uploads his losses
[D|Baron II] my_dog : ego problems
[S|Plebeian V] MERC : he also paid sigh to not mge him on stream
[S|Plebeian V] MERC : EGO
* [S|Empress] boshie : he uploaded his jumping vids
* [S|Empress] boshie : BANG POW

-fakin: these worthless third worlders cant even frag

[S|Duke] [kidder] : there is not a single person on tempus who is good at wallpogo that is also someone that is respectable

Twobold: I've never been outplayed before by someone with less brain cells than me

"You have the gamesense of a lemming." -Twobold


10:51 PM - mamashpee #prepared4maternity: you haev been invited to my baby shower, where we will all gather round and rub my uterus, eat cake, and bitch about men

MERC : Skyhit!!
slashproc : by skyhit do you perhaps mean airshot?

5:00 PM - YUNG MERC: good news for you
5:00 PM - gollywobbler: ??
5:00 PM - YUNG MERC: im back to using stock
5:00 PM - YUNG MERC: so you can tell me and jugg apart
5:01 PM - gollywobbler: but how will I know the difference between the otehr soldiers
5:01 PM - gollywobbler: tahts a benefit of soldiers runing the same launcher
5:01 PM - gollywobbler: if I hear the stock i just start surfing lol
5:02 PM - YUNG MERC: ill yell as if im getting raped every time i rocket jump
5:02 PM - YUNG MERC: that should work
5:02 PM - gollywobbler: perfect

3:44 PM - Shylo, C U @ RBG LAN: I love the youtube algorithm
3:45 PM - Shylo, C U @ RBG LAN: I fell asleep watching i58
3:45 PM - Shylo, C U @ RBG LAN: and woke up to some nigga speed running barbie's playhouse
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other merc
BEZ Feb 24 @ 6:54pm 
the number one numbers guy i know
KickServe Jan 25 @ 7:35pm 
Nacho Replay Oct 11, 2018 @ 5:38pm 
Japanese Kung-fu Shootout Jul 31, 2018 @ 3:03pm 
+rep is actually a bird in tongs (good meme)
vex Jul 19, 2018 @ 2:12am 
+rep probably the biggest♥♥♥♥♥♥ive ever seen ngl