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Anyone remember that one time UFO invaded 2Fort?

this is what would happen if all the merc are at ctf_turbine

cool feature:
alien walker bombs
red base broke
blu base turn into alien research lab

Update #3
-B O T H H D R & L D R S U P
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Created by - IS★Karma★Puddy
Fire Mar 9 @ 10:01am 
There is a spot on riverside map where you can see through the map and get perm stuck while playing. Someone made a video of it here: Was wondering if this could be quickly patched if you have time. Thanks.
Lukaswbrr Feb 28 @ 5:36pm 
is demo puddy
grendelf sfm Feb 11 @ 10:10pm 
You are cool
Jack The Crusading Bobcat Feb 11 @ 1:02pm 
Make upward burned down at night.
forever young Feb 11 @ 8:57am 
Great map maker ! Love the gravelpit.
Foxie117 Jan 18 @ 9:24am