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"also I can't decide whether this is a real freak out before sleep or if this is a fake freakout as a "hilarious" joke, I guess I'll figure that out in a few minutes oh god the blackboard is angry at me and is getting bigger like HEY YOU WANT. alright he stopped it anyway so Ill I'll see you guys tomoorrow and we can play lots of DFO and LESSER GAMES AMONGST THE RABBLE I am giant I am Ruler of this realm and my hand shall not be touched by anything not made in korea. or japan. or china. or taiwan. and yes I know I just ruled out 80% of the products I would touch and use and that DFO is on that list but hey if I'm gonna do this thing I'm going to gdo it right. Alright I think I've rambled on for long enough, maybe thats what they meann when they say freewriting, you just keep writing and writing because while you type these stupid little imaginary characters start telling stupid words to each other and fighting and you keep telling them shut up but each ke tends to make a soind like the noise they make when they talk so in a quck sectiono like this its a BIG ARGUMEN T but when you're hunting for keys tjey're having a moment of caclm. anyway I'm going to get up and see i this stuff has really messed me up and I'm ready for bed or if it just reacted with my brain and that was the end of that whole machine. See you soon~!"
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The War of 1812 Jul 10, 2011 @ 9:40am 
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I am only doing this for a hat in TF2.