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I've played Counter-Strike since it was in beta as just a Half-Life mod.
None of my CS:GO :csgoct: items are for sale or trade. So please don't ask me about them.

My original emoticon spam in my intro text used to be the entire Pepe collection until Matt Furie ruined that. Now it's just a collection of various other meme emoticons. :emofdr:

The cat in my achievement showcase is actually my Persian cat, Mr. Cat! :Sweg:

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:profchaos: CS:GO Trolling Compilation #1
🔥 MM-Catastrophe - The Beginner's Guide to Rapping
🔥 MM-Catastrophe - Cry of Fear

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:illuminat: Old Grizzled Gamers Article []
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Quite possibly my favourite Half-Life mod (total conversion).

It's exceptionally well made, proving the GoldSrc engine still has some merit to it even in the modern era of gaming. Everything seems to be a custom made asset, no trace of a Half-Life prop in sight and for the engine it's using, it's beautiful.

I played through this game in hard mode and while I've totally worn out my quick save and quick load keys, I can't say I didn't enjoy a single second of this extremely challenging game.

I only encountered one glitch in my entire playthrough and it's something that's not very game breaking in my opinion as long as you know how to trick jump to get out of it upon finding yourself stuck, although I doubt many people will.

The only things I could hope for with Half-Rats is that the prequel A Fever Dream also comes to Steam properly and achievements are added to Parasomnia as I'd love to play through it again to see what I've potentially missed.

TL;DR: It's an awesome game and it's free. Play it, love it, buy the soundtrack to tether it (I wish more free GoldSrc/Source mods/games did this.)
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Half-Rats: Parasomnia
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Bored of Half-Life 2? Already played through it a thousand times but just love the Source Engine? Check out these other games made on the Source engine, available to buy/download on Steam.

I'll try and keep this list up to date. :)
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MacDuck Jun 7 @ 10:14am 
@JohnRomeroHD :wizorbwink:
JohnRomeroHD Jun 5 @ 6:11am 
Can't believe no one has commented on your profile for over a month. This guy is the dankest memester to ever grace the earth. Have some fucking respect, and leave this man a comment, please.
JohnRomeroHD Apr 30 @ 12:46am 
Probably the most friendly person that I've ever had the pleasure of talking to on Steam:we_are_your_children:
Zetsubou Ou Mar 23 @ 6:07am 
+rep Friendly and trustworthy. thanks for the game
Hawt Mar 19 @ 5:01pm 
Congrats on 10k :rd_love:
AMZ Mar 15 @ 3:23pm 
+rep Friendly and trustworthy. Highly Recommended!