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I love Steam and . I hate everything else.
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Surprisingly short but incredibly well made.

It's a shame when games this awesome are free but terrible games like Prospekt which is nowhere near the same level of quality of this game is costs £7.50.

I look forward to seeing how this game progresses in the future, I wasn't expecting the sudden stop when I came to the end but I'm really intriguied to see where it goes from here and will be playing through it again multiple times to see if there's anything else I missed. Don't think I didn't catch that pesky gnome in the resupply crate. ;)

In short, this is definitely worth a play through and I can't wait to see where the story goes from here.
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Notice: I'm not a charity, I'm not interested in being friends for no reason, I'll only accept your friend invite if we played a game together recently or if we've got a trade arranged through SG or if I've won a giveaway and of course, if I know you personally. So stop adding me asking for free stuff.

Also, none of my CS:GO items are for sale or trade. So please don't ask me about them. Especially my , not for sale and never will be, I'm aware of it's float value.

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LazyDog Apr 25 @ 12:35pm 
+Rep Excellent trader, recommended! :D
LadyOberon Apr 22 @ 6:54am 
Thank you for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate it. :)
Dienosaurius Apr 20 @ 6:24am 
+rep, very friendly and patient trader. Good luck on getting 8k :)
Cato | Mar 2 @ 6:51pm 
Grats on the 7k
Asterix | MacDuck Feb 20 @ 10:08am 
Gratz on the 7k mah dude, onto the next one!
Asterix | MacDuck Feb 9 @ 4:14pm 
Are you a famous rapper? Someone told me you were, I love your Music dude. Please send me your Mixtape because you right now are on fire!