Hawaii, United States
I am a Youtube commentator who likes anime and video games! TF2 and Overwatch mainly :)

*WARNING: there are people who may impersonate me to trade for items. Do NOT trust them. I don't accept friend requests from strangers and I don't sign weapons unless we arrange it some other way. If you want to contact me directly, use Youtube private messages or my Youtube business email because I read them all.

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Helena Sep 6 @ 9:18am 
where are yooouuuuuu
lil1n Sep 6 @ 8:14am 
+rep the reason I got into tf2. much love♥
Bimmer (Griffith) Aug 3 @ 11:16pm 
rat Jul 11 @ 10:16am 
hey hope you good man
Phycorax Jul 7 @ 5:06am 
Check your other profile May 29 @ 12:14pm