Hawaii, United States
I am a Youtube commentator who likes anime and video games! TF2 and Overwatch mainly :)

*WARNING: there are people who may impersonate me to trade for items. Do NOT trust them. I don't accept friend requests from strangers and I don't sign weapons unless we arrange it some other way. If you want to contact me directly, use Youtube private messages or my Youtube business email because I read them all.

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Moysey89 Jun 7 @ 7:49am 
hello buddy! i hope all is well and your stay healthy and well with all that is going on in the world right now :)
breynolds0408 May 20 @ 11:23am 
i dont even know why he quited
Ghastly May 4 @ 9:21pm 
He seems overall like a nice and cool guy. Hope he's doing alright though. Haven't heard anything about or from him in a while.
yoda gaming Apr 6 @ 2:57am 
Hey Kona! Hope all is well with you. Just stumbled upon your channel again after so many years. Just wanna thank you for the commentaries, I enjoyed them so much when I was younger, and I'm re-watching all of them through again! I hope you return to YT some day or some form of content creation. I hope you and the people close to you are doing well!
pr0xy Feb 15 @ 6:30am 
rip yt channel
[34fru] RafeKupa Jan 4 @ 7:38pm 
+rep cool guy