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Level designer, architecture student, game developer, musician, etc. I mostly work in Source and Unity. I also staff . []

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xScruffyDaSasquatchx Nov 13 @ 11:07am 
Adding people from tf2maps to my friendslist
sugarblood Jul 4 @ 9:10pm 
portal 2, tf2 map man
also friends in common or something lmao
idolon May 12 @ 10:13am 
I know about the exploit, but I won't be updating the map until after the Titanium Tank tour finishes just in case something unrelated breaks. With the number of people playing the map right now, better safe than sorry.
NSAA| May 12 @ 1:37am 
Me and my friend Shimshir :) Found a glitch/bug, you can get out of the map using the sticky jumperon the map 'steep'.
[cTF2w] Crafting Apr 20 @ 10:33pm 
Greetings, I was curious if you do map commissions?

I am the owner of the Custom Weapons steam group and I am looking for someone to make me a new testing map for YouTube demonstration videos.

I already have a base map made, but it needs to be remade and finished. I don't have the time to learn Hammer and make it myself sadly.

I don't know if this would make a difference, but this map isn't meant to be played on... just a pretty looking map with a theme.
THEZOMBIEIDIOT :D Apr 16 @ 5:00pm 
oh okay nvm then good thing someone knew about the exploit, i was going to comment that there were some skybox problems but luckliy its getting fixed.