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:Cats99: I'm a trans man who loves animals, pizza, and pastel colors.
:8bitheart: my art: arcticsandwich.deviantart.com
:ccskull: I enjoy reading fantasy and historical fiction manwhas/mangas.


spoild sucks
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n0 Gum Jul 29 @ 8:44pm 
hiiii (: :steamhappy:
bunny-wabbit Jul 19 @ 6:48am 
I'm not a boomer. I am not a boomer. Do not f ucking call me a boomer ever again. I am quite honestly one of the least boomer people you have ever met. I make jokes about depression, mad f ucking f ucked depression. I am not boomer. I am not a boomer. Stop saying I am a boomer. If you were a boomer, I would have probably already punched the s hit out of you by now, but fortunately you are a zoomer whose body remained un-touched by my fat, meaty, fists because I AM NOT A BOOMER. If I was a boomer though, you would find my Jackhammer pounding your face with my fists. Luckily for you, I am NOT A BOOMER, and you will have your virgin face remain unpounded ad infinitum. Actually, it seems to me like you are the boomer here. You are a boomer, not me. I am not a boomer, and I will never be. If I was ever a boomer in a past life (which I WASN'T), I would be killing myself right now, that is how boomer I AM NOT.
Doc Jun 27 @ 1:06pm 
wont trade candy :steamsad:
souls Apr 28 @ 7:32pm 
garlic bread monke :btd6thumbsup:
bunny-wabbit Apr 16 @ 6:52am 
By the nine we tweakin
bunny-wabbit Apr 12 @ 2:38pm 
I love garlic bread.